007: SPECTRE Scalextric review


Scalextric. Just the name makes people everywhere to get a little over-excited. Of course you loved it as a kid, you got to race your mates, put together huge courses full of twists, turns and bends and now as adults? It’s just as great. We’ve been test-driving the new, exclusive Hornby Hobbies SPECTRE Scalextric set and on this day of release for the Blu-ray, DVD and Digital download and I thought you might like to take a look as well…

Picture 445

Having not set one up for a few years now, I’m eager to report it’s a lot smoother than it used to be. So if you’re a past pro or completely new to Scalextric, there’s no fuss in putting it all together as track piece by piece plot effortlessly into the right places. Although you can make any track you’d like in the long term, this collection gives you a nice mix with a 90 degree crossover, a bordered 180 corner, an additional jump and curved-road close encounters. The jump isn’t actually something I recall having before but it’s worked easily in our early test runs and really helps test the skill of an experienced driver and makes new ones learn quickly.


There are 5 extra track layouts to purchase separately, should you wish, but even by itself it is a smart piece of kit to get you started and everything is here to get you going from Christmas onwards. You might want to steal some room space before everyone else because with 532cm of track, you’ll want to get racing and if anyone complains, just hand over one of the two controllers, I doubt anyone will argue or regret their actions. Unless they don’t like fun or a nice bit of competitiveness that is.

So, a very important part of this extra special kit is… those SPECTRE cars. Included is that beautiful Aston Martin DB10 and the Jaguar C-X75 and you, my friend, get to race them. Sure, they’re not the real ones but the design is spot on, your front and rear lights glow, and they speed around the track at breakneck pace hugging the track, curving the corners and breaking hearts. 007 himself wouldn’t say no, we’re sure of it.

Sturdy, classic and with a Bond twist, this SPECTRE Scalextric is a great addition to the established Hornby Hobbies range. Priced at RRP of £129.99, we completely recommend picking one up for a gift or, if you fancy it, just keep it for yourself but definitely add it to one of those lists!

[Originally reviewed for The Hollywood News]


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