Sony Music Video Contest: Create a music video for classic compositions by Hans Zimmer!

Calling all inventive creatives! Sony Music, with the support of YouTube, is hosting a global competition challenging creators to produce music videos for original compositions by Hans Zimmer.

Open now, submit your creation accompanying one of Zimmer’s most known compositions by registering on www.entertheworldofhanszimmer.com

Participants can submit their video accompanying one of the following compositions from the “The World of Hans Zimmer” album: “Gladiator Orchestra Suite: Part 3 Now We Are Free”, “Inception: Time – Orchestra Version”, “The Da Vinci Code Orchestral Suite: Part 4”, “The Dark Knight Orchestra Suite” and “The Lion King Orchestra Suite”. Unlike the usual movie production process, where scores are normally composed once a film is in post-production, the process will be reversed for this contest in order to test the participants’ creative instincts and filmmaking skills.

In Hans Zimmer’s spirit, there will be no restrictions for this contest. Synchronised or synchronised. Live action or animated. Colourful or gritty. Poetically abstract or brutally real. It’s all up to the contestants. This is an exercise where confidence, flair and above all, blistering creativity will be tested.

You need to register on entertheworldofhanszimmer.com and upload the finished production to their own YouTube channel using the contest’s hashtag #EnterTheWorldOfHansZimmer. A jury will decide on the winning entries — one for each of the five songs. The winning videos will be released and announced as official music videos for those compositions from “The World of Hans Zimmer” album in November of this year. 

On top of this, Semmel Concerts will invite the winners to experience it live on one of the many upcoming tour dates. Patrick Mushatsi-Kareba, CEO Sony Music Entertainment Germany:

“We are delighted to host this competition alongside one of the greatest composers of today and YouTube. We wish all talents out there the best of luck!”

Register on www.entertheworldofhanszimmer.com

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