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Book Review: The Art of Mondo “An exceptional collection and celebration”

If you’re new to Mondo, they’re a super successful company who create, collaborate and love collectible contemporary artwork, events and bring it in limited numbers to the masses. To break it down a little further, they’re part of the new generation of art collectors and sellers because they offer inventive, talented artists and illustrators a chance to bring their unique vision to film posters, old and new, and then share it with all of us.

The recent renaissance of 80’s and 90’s nostalgia, and the explosion of pop culture, has given Mondo a platform on which they’ve been able to thrive but it’s been hard work for them to get there, and they’ve also had the luck of being in the right place at the right time. That also being said, the model they work around isn’t something to be messing around with because they’ve teamed up with some of best artists of this generation, in order to create some really special posters for fans – and this is what The Art of Mondo is all about.

With an introduction by Tim League, the CEO of Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, and a foreword from Brad Bird, a world-class director, screenwriter and producer, it’s clear how far they’ve and in the words of Rob Jones, the co-founder and creative director of Mondo “If you love posters, you’ll love this book. If you love movies, you’ll love this book. If you love books, then you’ll really love this book” and it’s darn-neigh impossible to deny the reality once you pick it up and start paging through the 356 pages of sheer glory and it’s darn-nigh impossible to not be drawn in for a few hours by the spectacular nature of it all.

Obviously the art included is all down to the artists they’ve chosen to work with along the way, from the glorious inventions of Olly Moss, to the unique visions of Jock, they also features the likes of Kevin Tong, Martin Ansin, Francesco Francavilla, Tom Whalen, Phantom City Creative, Mike Mitchell, Tyler Stout, Rich Kelly, Laurent Durieux, Ken Taylor, Dan McCarthy, and the list goes on…


The quality of the work included in The Art of Mondo is exceptional and this book revels in the delight of the past 8 years of stunning creations, plus a look back at how it all began, Rob Jones and Tim Leagues early adventures and… in many cases.. it just makes you wish you’d thought of it yourself, or there wasn’t the internet and you could do it now yourself or… you get the picture.

This isn’t just a coffee table book, it’s the coffee-table book to beat all others into the dust below it – This book truly celebrates the ‘Art’, as the title suggests, with hundreds of prints in a huge style, some are fold-out and all of them are in glorious technicolor to enjoy again and again. So if you’ve even got half a love for film, and have picked up some yourself (I know I have!), then this book isn’t just for you – You Must Buy It. Pick up, sit back, enjoy time and again the glorious nature of all that is good in the world.

The Art of Mondo is published by Insight Editions and is available buy now.


Purchase in the UK here:

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