On Sale Now: All-new J.J. Lendl ‘The X-Files’ prints at Dark Ink

I’m a huge fan of with a whole host of great pop-culture art that’s thriving and today, with art store Dark Ink, we’ve got all the info you need for two great new prints from J.J. Lendl that relates to the first two episodes of all-new and final season of The X-Files.

With David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson returning for this final ever The X-Files season, it’s a perfect time to pick up one of these prints from Dark Ink. J.J. has been creating officially-licensed prints for the series for a while now, with each piece of art being dedicated to a specific episode. The two that are on sale today are for My Struggle III and This – both of which have recently aired in the UK.

Below are all the links you need to go directly to Dark Ink to purchase, and don’t forget to catch-up with Matt’s S11 review blog right here!

“This” by JJ Lendl: http://bit.ly/xfilesart2

“My Struggle III” by JJ Lendl: http://bit.ly/xfilesep1

Dark Ink is a speciality release site run by Acme Archives located in Burbank, CA.  Our artwork has been officially licensed through Lucasfilm, DreamWorks, Twentieth Century Fox, Microsoft, Saban and Iron Maiden.

All prints come with a certificate of authenticity, and more work can be found at their sister site: Acme Archives Direct



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