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Cold War review: Dir: J. Wilder-Konschak and Stirling McLaughlin [Indie Review]

When you hear Cold War, your first thoughts are probably to do with Russia, America and history lessons right? Well, this film could not be further away from those lessons you probably forgot about, as directors J. Wilder-Konschak and Stirling McLaughlin bring forward a conflict much more damaging to your day-to-day life…. living with your other half when you’re sick!

Cold War is an indie film and romantic comedy but with a lot more literal sickness and realism. It’s an original idea that helps it stand out from the crowd and it delivers on the laughs consistently to keep you interested. Some of the situations which occur, due to the situation Maggie (Madeline Walter) and John (Michael Blaiklock) find themselves in, make you laugh and then think “Yeah, you know, that annoys me too!” and this is one of Cold War’s great strengths as the audience can naturally relate to the couple, and then laugh at how familiar it is. Granted some situations are over the top but this is rom-com and it’s just as entertaining. Co-director Konshack, who also wrote the script, deserves a lot of credit, as it’s very difficult to write a comedy script which is consistently funny and this never ever feels forced or awkward.

Leads Walter and Blaiklock are well worthy of praise as they deliver very good performances and have that natural chemistry which makes for an enjoyable watch, with Blaiklock having most of the funniest moments throughout Cold War. The rest of the cast also produce strong performances, particularly Gail Rastorfer, who plays Ollie and is a friend of Maggie and John. She’s very sarcastic and bitchy, yet always manages to steal the scenes she’s in. One of the criticisms of the film is that I wanted to see more of her character in it, as I felt she had more to give to give and could have provided even more laughs. Also, if you are offended by nudity, then prepare for a shock as you get full frontal nudity in one scene at the hospital, so be warned!

Another minor issue I had with Cold War was its run time. While it hits over an hour and a half, you get the impression that the film is beginning to stretch its limits and maybe could have concluded earlier. However, this doesn’t dampens the experience too greatly though as you have laughed enough over the course of its run, to not be too bothered overall.

Cold War’s strong writing, original concept and good performances really help this indie stand out as a romantic comedy with a difference, and one that’s absolutely worth watching.

Cold War is out now on Amazon, Google Play, iTunes and Fandango now.

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