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Building my own Back to The Future DeLorean [Parts 80 – 87 Build Blog]

If you’ve ever seen one of those ads that encourage you to ‘Build Your Own [insert awesome thing here]‘ and wonder what it’s all about, well, I’m here to take up the challenge! It helps that I’ve a huge love for Back to the Future and so building my own DeLorean was too good to miss. With Parts 1-79 already done, we move on with the next 8 parts in one handy summary post…

For these parts, I’ve decided to break it down a little better with a straightforward ‘picture diary’ that shows you the progression over these certain sections. Much of it is similar to the other side, and what we’ve done in the previous update.

The main differences to look out for is the back section and the addition of the ‘boot’ with all the wires, capsules and a larger base unit that will eventually turn into something even cooler. You’ll also get to see the roof of the car, with more buttons than you’ve ever seen in your life. In truth, all I want to do is get it all screwed in together and try the lights out at night. Whilst there are definitely some issues with the strength of the doors, and how they don’t exactly line-up perfectly, I am still enjoying all the little details.

I think, in the long run, this is one of those builds that when it’s complete, you’ll be able to appreciate the smaller details that were probably a pain in the arse to put together or – at least – that’s what we all hope, right?! So, for the time being and while we all wait for another month of fun stuff, take a look at where we are so far and do get in touch or leave a comment below with any questions.. or suggestions!

Any questions at all? Please do get in touch or comment!

If you want to sign up now to Build Your Own Delorean, from Eaglemoss and Universal, it really is simple to get involved – Also, follow my blog along the way as I endeavour to prove that anyone can do this and it can be rewarding.

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