Critical Popcorn’s Christmas Gift Guide 2018: ‘Last Exit to Nowhere’ T-Shirts!

Here at Critical Popcorn we love Christmas. Yeah, there we said it! But we’re not just here to share our love for all things seasonal, we’ve also put together a series of Christmas Gift Guides over the coming weeks that offer something a little different, that guide you towards exciting gifts for the folks in your life you’d like to surprise. While there are always films to recommend, and out among the the mass of movie art, posters, prints and merchandise, how about a truly unique T-Shirt that celebrates the best of someone’s favourite film?

We believe that Last Exit to Nowhere are miles ahead in the creative, clever T-Shirts game and consistently impress. We admire that they’re inspired by movies old and new but also help extend the in-world fiction of those films into the outside world, where we exist!  Below are some favourite picks… plus scroll down for a special giveaway…

The Thing

Sure, we’re picking on the winter to include this one but John Carpenter’s horror classic is ripe for brilliant tie-in’s, while there’s this US Antarctica Tee (Just £20) we’re highlighting, there’s also the wonderful Outpost 31 Beanie (Only £13) as well. Both are tremendous.

Die Hard

It’s nearly Christmas and so nothing says ‘the season’ like John McClane and Die Hard, so this has to go in to one of our all-time favourite picks. There is the classic Nakatomi Corp tee (Just £20) that LETN offer, but we can’t get past wanting the Christmas-themed Nakatomi (£20 here) T-Shirt, I mean whilst everyone else has their cheesy reindeer one on, this is the one you really want… right? Or, one more, check out the ‘Never Forget‘ one!

Blade Runner 2049

Who’d a thought that 35 years later a sequel could have so much strength and originality? The Ryan Gosling-starrer completely blew us away and as much as we’d love to be a part of that world, we’ll take one of their epic designs to get that little bit closer to that tremendously inventive world with either their Joi-inspired Tee or this Wallace Corp one – Both £20, of course!


No-one saw Glass, out next year, coming before the Bruce Willis cameo in Split but head back to the excellent Unbreakable and get yourself involved in a little bit of comic-book fictional history with this wonderful ode to Mr Glass’s exclusive comic collection… it’s all so Limited Edition:

Star Wars

I doubt there’s much I have to say about this one beyond the fact that you’ll know someone in your life who loves Star Wars, throughout it’s 40 years+ of existence. Any anything ever been as big in pop culture? I don’t think so. Check out a very cool, very specific design that we love and it’s also £20 right here!

The winner of our competition will be emailed on 3rd December, check your Inbox to see if you’re the lucky one!

Head to their site for even more designs: www.lastexittonowhere.com

Terms and Conditions

  • UK only
  • Competition closes on 2 December
  • One entry per person/household
  • Winner will be contacted directly and must reply to email within 2 days, or a new winner will be picked
  • No correspondence will be entered into, the editors decision is final


185 thoughts on “Critical Popcorn’s Christmas Gift Guide 2018: ‘Last Exit to Nowhere’ T-Shirts!

  1. When the weather outside is frightful there is no better film to sit back, crank up the fire and watch ‘DIE HARD’ you can breathe in that warm Christmas Spirit! yippie-Ki-yay 🌃🔫🎄Ho-Ho-Ho now I’ll have a Medium T-shirt please 👍😄

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Die Hard is obviously a good choice, but I’m going to go with “Scrooged” as a). It’s an actual Christmas film and b), The kid at the end gives everyone the feels.


    Liked by 1 person

  3. Mine is DEFINITELY Die Hard! I attended Alan Rickman: A Life in Pictures at BAFTA just before he passed away and he had so many stores about DH – for example, the director had him down to wear an Army Camo outfit, but he suggested a dinner suit. He got shouted at, but the next day he attended wardrobe and it had miraculously changed to Hans famous suit!


    • Coongrats Ben, you’ve won our Tee giveaway! Please check your email for more info!

      P.S. Fine choices everywhere and the Muppet Christmas Carol is a MUST for everyone!


  4. It’s A Wonderful Life for me, the original Black and White, not the weird Technicolor version (large t shirt, thank you!)


  5. My favourite Christmas film is ‘lt’s a wonderful life’

    I would like an extra large t-shirt please

    Many thanks


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