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Watch the trailer for Heidi Stokes’ excellent short indie animation ‘For Ray’

We’re always on the lookout for interesting, original work and today we wanted to share a wonderful trailer for the even-more impressive short animation film For Ray from artist, animator, writer and director Heidi Stokes.

The short was inspired by Ian Monroe, a friend of Heidi’s who told her about a man he saw on the train, who had no name, so she named him ‘Ray’. For Ray is a described as a ‘celebration of Human kindness’, who pays homage to how small acts of kindness can make a profound difference in a persons life. In a world that’s seemingly becoming more and more politically volatile, these little reminders become ever more potent and important, and For Ray (which we’ll guide you to shortly) really emphasises how big the small things can be. It’s also a fine example of really talented art and animation work.



Watch the trailer now and we’ve also got a new teaser and some stills for her next film, that’s just starting to take on the film festival circuit called ‘The Art of Reducing Noise‘ just below:

For Ray Trailer from Heidi on Vimeo.

For Ray recently formed part of the Animation NOW! International Showcase, selected by Malcolm Turner, who’s the animation programmer at NZIFF since 1998 and currently director of the Melbourne International Animation Film Festival. For Ray was shortlisted for The finalists from Animation NOW 2017 with the feedback that it’s ‘a beautifully crafted recreation of a special moment that may have saved a life.’

Teaser ‘ The art of reducing noise’ from Heidi on Vimeo.



Follow her on Twitter or Instagram, and find out more about Heidi’s work over at her website:

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