The best retro gaming gear and Stranger Things-inspired merch from Firebox

Before we dive into the following details of these phenomenally awesome retro items from the mighty Firebox, that we just had to recommend, let’s all remember… Stranger Things 3 starts on Netflix this 4th July!

With that in mind, and the full throws of 1985 coming to life before our very eyes, we wanted to celebrate some of the finest items from Firebox that either back-up your love for Stranger Things or give you a further insight of the mighty power of the 80s computer, in all its nostalgic glory.

And with old power machines in mind, that’s what some people called them* (*this might be a lie), we’d be doing gaming and the 80s a disservice if we didn’t begin with the mighty, the one and only…. Commodore 64 or a very similar version of!

Commodore 64 Mini – £55.99 (20% Off!)

While some of you will never have to experience the equal excitement and agony of waiting half-an-hour (or more!) for a game to either load or crash, without knowing the outcome ’til it happens, Firebox have something very special that takes away all that fear because it’s a mini and modern version of the world’s bestselling home computer. Not only does it just simply plug into your TV with an (included) HDMI cable, they’ve also pre-loaded it with an outstanding 64 games that will have you addicted and the top class old-style controller.

This Commodore 64 Mini brings back all the good vibes though, not only is it beautifully packaged (see the pics), it’s a spitting image of the classic computer but, of course, as a smaller version. Not only will is it a cool item in itself, it’ll also look awesome in your living room because, after all, this is where it has to be now as you’ll need to connect it to the TV! Fun retro vibes for your living room.

Our favourites include Alleykat, Avenger (in which you avenge), if you fancy it you can even have a go at the old BASIC (there’s more info online for if you’d like a go at some programming), the delightfully copyright-free named ‘Impossible Mission II‘, Nobby the Aardvark (YES!) and, of course, the legendary World Games or even California Games – both properly awesome.

8-Bit Retro Handheld Console – £19.99

Still in the gaming mood but the C64Mini is just out of your price consideration? We’ve got the answer and, in truth, it’s a bit easier to take on the commute or sit in the work loo with. You’re supposed to play it in there by the way, you shouldn’t take it in there and chat, that would be strange. Anyway, next up is this easy-to-pocket 8-Bit retro Handheld Console that actually comes with an incredible 240 (TWO-HUNDRED AND FOURTY) games, all your need then are AAA batteries and you’re away! So much easier than your phone, and no notifications popping up getting in the way of some important escapism.

Firebox says it’s the best retro handheld console… ever… and this might be true because, when you think about it, it’s probably the only one worth having. It comes with a 2.5 inch LCD screen, with more retro graphics than you could ever dream about, if over 240-retro-games-dreams are a thing you like, that is. We have to recommend F22 to kick you off, it’s an absolute classic, Small Dinosaur is wonderfully odd, then Panzer Attack, Shoot… there’s an almost endless choice, you’ll find your new favourite!

Stranger Things Monopoly – £29.99

Keeping with the retro theme, but moving back towards our original subject matter, this Stranger Things Monopoly is an absolute beauty and comes with pieces from both ‘our world’ and the Upside Down. While you won’t be specifically fighting off a demogorgon, if you’re off a deep geeking love for the show like we are, then Game Night has just become all the better.

You’ve got Hawkins Middle School, Hopper’s House, heck there’s Steve’s Pool, Byer’s Castle, Benny’s Burgers (Poor Benny), The Void… you name it, it’s here and the Chance/Community Trust cards are also Joyce’s blinking Christmas lights and the Walkie-Talkies, nice touch. In truth,  it’s everything any like-minded Stranger Things fan would want in their life and you might even find Barb’s car… 😦

And once you’ve got your Monopoly on, why not tempt yourself with a night-time game of Dungeons & Dragons? You know you want it, and this!

Eleven Bleeding Nose Candle – £9.99 (50% off!)

Finally, to light your gaming time, whatever style you end up choosing, strike a match and light the red candle to recreate Eleven’s bleeding nose (the key to this item is in the description you see) with this, frankly, seriously bizarre invention from Firebox but – for some reason – we also kinda love it.

It comes with a couple of red candles, it bleeds from both nostrils (I can’t believe I’m writing this but I’m also impressed), it’s a proper solid ceramic setup and also comes with its own ‘nose picker’ should any wax get caught, you know, up there. We’re not 100% on the psychokinetic abilities of our ceramic, bleeding nose candle holder at this stage but you never know, do you?

What takes your fancy? Just click the prices of the items below to pick up now, or even visit the wonderful Firebox and take your pick of any of their unique, original items: https://www.firebox.com


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