Christmas Gift Guide 2019: Last Exit to Nowhere’s outstanding T-Shirts!

It’s only a few weeks away from Christmas itself and, let me tell you, we love the season at Critical Popcorn! With the just-in-time-return of our Christmas Gift Guides, it feels right to highlight the gloriously talented designs and top-notch quality of Last Exit to Nowhere and their must-have T-Shirts!

While we definitely know there’s a wide selection of movie art, posters, prints and merchandise out there, there’s something uniquely smart and clever about a gift that celebrates the best of someone’s favourite film and Last Exit to Nowhere are miles ahead in the creative T-Shirts game with designs that consistently impress. Inspired by movies old and new, they extend the inner-world fiction of those films into the outside world. I’ve bought many over the years and love it when someone notices what the Tee represents, it’s a proper real fan love-in.

My favourite picks are below, let’s begin…

Grant Paleontology (£20)

Without doubt, their Dr. Alan ‘Grant Paleontology’ Tee is one of my all-time favourite designs from LETN, it’s equally subtle and direct and when you meet a fellow Jurassic fan, they know instantly what it stands for. If you’re a fan of all things JP, there’s also an InGen one and Isla Nublar if you’d like a whole range of choice and, best of all, it’s only £20, an absolute beauty for a really fair price, order it here.

Live with Murray Franklin (£20)

Straight connections here to the magnificent Joker, starring the even more outstanding Joaquin Phoenix, with this Live with Murray Franklin T-shirt. Sure, if you’ve seen the film, you’ll know how big a part Robert De Niro’s Murray has to play in the progression of Arthur’s descent into his new mask but I really like how this Tee could easily be part of the every day, especially in a world of late-night NYC/Gotham TV hosts being celebrities these days. Buy it now!

House of Reptiles (£20)

Another gloriously inventive new design from the LETN team brings us the iconic Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and, more specifically, Indie’s least favourite thing… “Why did it have to be snakes?!“. This super smart, 4-colour, cotton blue dusk t-shirt, inspired by the third instalment in the IJ franchise gave us Harrison Ford on form once again with the addition of the iconic Sean Connery as his father. Get some Dunn & Duffy (Combined) Circus ‘House of Reptiles’ in your life right here!

Nakatomi Corp Christmas ’88 (£20)

We couldn’t get past recommendations at this time of year without bringing Die Hard into the conversation. A film that walked its way barefoot through glass forever into the seasonal discussions because, let’s face it, it is now a Christmas film, even if you think it’s not… it is! This wonderful Tee is, of course, inspired by the fictional corporation that has everything to do with happens on that John McClane-fuelled evening in Nakatomi Plaza. Starring Bruce Willis, Alan Rickman, Bonnie Bedelia and Alexander Godunov, just watch it now and buy this Tee!

The huge range from Last Exit to Nowhere continues on their site


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23 thoughts on “Christmas Gift Guide 2019: Last Exit to Nowhere’s outstanding T-Shirts!

  1. They have lots of amazing shirts to choose from, but I’d need to go with House of Reptiles.
    The Last Crusade has so many special memories attached to it. I can still vividly remember the first time I saw it. Sitting with my dad in a bar in tenerife and they played a pirate version of it! Great times.


  2. Live with Murray Franklin is genius. LEtN never cease to amaze with their ability to make cool in-the-know t-shirts from films you never imagined would be merchandiseable (Us, The Witch etc)

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I love the Sun Yeon High School baseball shirt, inspired by Train To Busan. It’s such a great film and I love how the design has been given so much attention to detail!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. My favourite is the Black Phillip fitted t-shirt because it is inspired by one of the best dark movies I’ve seen and the only The Witch merch I’ve ever seen 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  5. It has to be MOGWAI CURIO SHOP tee. I mean who doesn’t want a cute Gremlin for Christmas? Just make sure you keep them safely tucked away at night and don’t get them wet.


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