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Choker review: Dir. Orson Cornick [Short Film]

It takes something very special, and intelligently thought out, for a short film to hit the mark in 3 minutes but Orson Cornick’s Choker really does sit in the memory afterwards, and it’s achieved with intelligent, frenetic pace.

Opening with a wonderfully atmospheric shot on a man (James Bailey), which is seemingly (somehow) a still-life becoming real, we then cut to a pebble beach and focus in on a girl (Elena Kordelas) who has randomly dropped from the sky. From then, a clock is ticking as the man leaps into action and drives at speed towards her..

Beyond this, I really don’t want to reveal too much about the plot but I can say that Cornick’s short offers so much in such a short space of time, that’s it’s quite remarkable. Sharply edited, there’s story-progression, intrigue and reveal right up to the last second.

If you’re looking for inspiration over how to make an impact, especially when you’re only giving your audience a few minutes, then this is a great example with genuine consequences and meaning.

From Autumn Bear Studios and Spidereye Studios, check out the trailer below and find out more via their Facebook page:


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