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NOPE – A cinematic event: Jordan Peele takes us inside his new horror epic

“What’s a bad miracle?”

If you haven’t seen the first teaser yet for Jordan Peele’s highly anticipated NOPE, then head over here, but also check out this featurette that teams us up with the director, as we look inside the making of this upcoming horror epic with never-seen footage, sets, stills, IMAX cameras, and also he chats about the ambition of this new cinematic creative venture.

NOPE is set to reunite Peele with Daniel Kaluuya, and they’re joined by Keke Palmer and Steven Yeun as residents of a small Californian town who witness an uncanny and chilling discovery. I don’t want to sat too much more, but it also co-stars Michael Wincott and Brandon Perea, check out the featurette now:

Nope is written and directed by Jordan Peele, produced by Ian Cooper and Peele for Monkeypaw Productions, and will be released by Universal Pictures worldwide.

Nope arrives in theaters everywhere July 22.


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