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Great trailer for Riley Keough and Gina Gammell’s War Pony, starring Jojo Bapteise Whiting and LaDainian Crazy Thunder – out this June

We’re very happy to share Picturehouse Entertainment’s new trailer and striking one-sheet artwork, for the award-winning War Pony, out in UK and Irish cinemas on 9th June!

Taking its place as the directorial debut of Riley Keough and Gina Gammell, and co-written with first-time writers, Franklin Sioux Bob and Bill Reddy, War Pony is certainly a story of the best of filmmaking, it’s all about collaboration. And this one is special, as the directors worked with the Pine Ridge community to shine a light on the Native voice and portray the realism of growing up on a Reservation in modern day America.

The trailer sells is for me, grounded, authentic and different – and it looks like two strong performances at the centre from Jojo Bapteise Whiting and LaDainian Crazy Thunder:

At 23, Bill (Jojo Bapteise Whiting) just wants to make something of himself. Whether it’s syphoning gas, delivering goods or breeding Poodles, he is determined to carve his way to the “American Dream”. Meanwhile, 12-year-old Matho (LaDainian Crazy Thunder) can’t wait to become a man. Desperate for approval from his young, unavailable father, a series of destructive decisions turns Matho’s life upside down and he finds himself unequipped to deal with the harsh realities of the adult world.

A powerful tale of life, hope and belonging on the Reservation. Featuring spellbinding performances from first-time actors Jojo Bapteise Whiting and LaDainian Crazy Thunder, and created over a period of several years, in collaboration with members of the  Pine Ridge Reservation.

War Pony opens in UK and Irish cinemas on 9th June


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