Scalextric ARC AIR Track Day set review: “Updated and truly excellent”

mainsetToday we’ve been test driving the very impressive Scalextric Track Day set and we’re quite eager to guide anyone towards a possible last minute gift idea because, quite frankly, they’ve leapt forward rather impressively in current times and alongside their new Scalextric ARC AIR app race control system, it means they’re keeping up with progress because this is what fans, and newcomers, are looking for.

Earlier in the year I reviewed the 007: SPECTRE set, which was grand, but in retrospect felt more like homage to the older sets, especially now the controllers have gone wireless, because this new one really brings back the fun of car driving greatness.  But why, and how you ask? Well, the Scalextric ARC AIR (App Race Control) has everything to do with that. The wireless app enables to player to create and manage races with your smart phone and Bluetooth. Although I have to admit my Samsung S6 didn’t work (I’m informed the app for the S6 is being updated and it does work on other Android systems, full list below!), I ended up using an iPhone to log in and from that it was all relatively easy to work out and get going… with a proper ‘Grand Prix’ style countdown to racing to get you involved.

carssThis set comes with the Jaguar CX75, thanks SPECTRE, and you get it to race it alongside the McLaren P1 and so you’re definitely in the territory of style and speed. There’s also the possibility of 12 different tracks to set up with you can obviously switch and change in any modern tracks you might already have to make something truly awesome. I may have taken over half the flat just to see how far we could extend and every setup worked beautifully on these cars with far too many (Wait, never too many!) corners, curves and sprints.

Another thing that impressed is that it feels like you’re getting more track for your money, and more variation, when comparing it to similar priced sets recently. That’s not to say there hasn’t been a comparison but this setup works really nicely and that goes for pros or newcomers! Also, on that note, if you really want to know ‘what’ you’re getting, we’ve offered up more specs down the bottom of this review alongside a little list of the compatible devices that includes iPad, iPhone and Android.


If I’m honest, the Scalextric Track Day set is an instant hit and one of my favourites for a long time because it mixes that ever classic vibe of involvement, with top class cars, and throws in an extra dimension with the ARC app capabilities. You’ve also got wireless controllers, with a ‘rumble’ pack to remind you what’s happening on certain occasions (think Playstation or Xbox controllers when you feel the hits in any game), and the new digital edge due to the ability to share your race stats on the likes of Twitter or Facebook, or just between whoever is racing!

With this Track Day collection, it’s made playing just as exciting and relevant as ever plus with an extra smart touch of the ARC app, this is a truly smooth and superb set from the Scalextric team and it’s great to see.

5/5 – Either pick up the set here from Amazon (approx. £165) or directly from Scalextric by clicking here.

Some stats:

Space Required 243 x 243 cm
Track Length 681cm
Scale 1:32
Age Suitability 5+

ARC Compatible Devices (This may be a list that’s currently being updated but this is the official one I’ve found at the moment)

Apple iOS: iPhone 4S onwards; iPad3 onwards; iPad Mini onwards; iPod touch 5 onwards

Android OS 4.4 KitKat onwards: Samsung Galaxy S4, S5; Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro (10.1); Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 (8.0); Motorola Moto G; Nexus 4,5,7 (2013); HTC One M7; LG G2; Hudl2, Sony Xperia Z3 Compact


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