Back To The Future Vs Knight Rider! The incredible new set from Scalextric is a must-have gift this Christmas

Yeah, I mentioned the Christmas word, you can’t stop me! But you’re also here, which means you’re intrigued…

It’s time to get ready for the latest Scalextric battle with the brand new Back to the Future vs Knight Rider Race Set! Buckle up as the iconic Michael Knight racing K.I.T.T or imagine travelling in the Back to the Future Time Machine as Doc or Marty McFly… because this is another smart release from the team! Also, yeah a bit more, the sleek and sturdy Time Machine has a working flux capacitor and front and rear lightswhile K.I.T.T comes to life with iconic pulsing red strobe light on the front of the car – meaning head-to-head racing long into the night…

Combining stylish retro Scalextric branding with the superbly detailed film-inspired vehicles rigged with cool new functions, the set is packed with an array of amazing features and some seriously fun surprises. See the pics below, and also don’t forget to check out my really cool DeLorean 1:8 Scale build, which took me nearly two years – and a few other great Scalextric kits by heading here and here – that remain a lot of fun!

This set contains everything you need to race Scalextric, including two cars, power, over 5.3 metres of track including a crossover, side swipe and 2 easy speed limiting hand controllers. Get all the tech specs, and more reviews from fellow happy Scalextric owners here: uk.scalextric.com/BTTF-VS-Knight-Rider

C1431M Scalextric 1980s TV – Back to the Future vs Knight Rider Race Set is available to order now


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