Building my own Back to The Future DeLorean [Parts 132 – 159 Build Blog]

There’s been a bit of break since the completion of the initial 130-part build but, I definitely have news, the build is continuing! We also had an additional delay because whilst I’d received a lot of part to get the whole thing moving again, Eaglemoss had accidentally forgotten to send Part 132 which, in this case, was quite important. While they do replace without complaints or qualms, it missed one month and ended on pushing to the next which means, by default and with less of a ramble, I only got what I needed just before Christmas.

But, let’s move forward, because that’s exactly what’s been happening as we hit the start of the work on the railroad base and time circuit box for my DeLorean! The issue itself also features an exclusive time traveller’s guide which explores the incredible talents of Joanna Johnston, who created the costumes for the Back to the Future parts II and III. In case you don’t know already, each issue comes with an article or story related to the entire franchise, it’s a nice little touch and opens up the process for a personal insight.  So, ready to go Back to the Future, once again? Roads? Here’s your rail-tracks!! By the way, if you fancy creating your own, here’s your handy link and now, because we’re at the part of build that hits Parts 132 – 159 – which sadly takes us to the very end of the build – but you can see it in all its glory below.

First up, is the Time Circuit Box that will eventually fit, via small leather belts, around the bonnet and I’ll be honest… this was a fiddly, occasionally pain-in-the-fingers and patience is DEFINITELY needed because, by this stage, you kinda want it finished.

Then there’s the rail-road-wheels, that temporarily replace the normal set (you can swap them around), that will fit on the tracks once they’ve all been put together. I love the visual of it all, but I love the proper wheels the most. That being said, I still need to try out the BTTF2 ones properly, that’s the white set!

And as a general, final, over-look…

As always, if you have any questions about certain parts that you need more info on, just comment below and I’ll get back to you!

Fancy building your own 1:8 Scale Delorean? It’s easy enough to sign up for either a subscription or individual issues or for more info – Find out more from Eaglemoss!

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