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The Boat Shed: 5 weeks, 60 shows, theatre and comedy on the quay in Exeter!

It’s now only a day away until The Bike Shed‘s official new venture, The Boat Shed, opens up down on Exeter Quay. If you’re not sure where to head, they’re setup in Maclaine’s Warehouse which is next to Piazza Terracina, or across the river if you’re sat outside The Prospect Inn or On The Waterfront having an ale or some pizza.

The team have put together an incredible range of events (take a look at the full guide here) with a great pop-up festival that’ll feature theatre, music, art, golf, ice-cream, cocktails, and barbecues. Exactly what we all need to kick off the summer in style, I’d say!

Their schedule and details:

Theatre Festival27 June to 29 July – Over 60 shows with exciting local artists and national visiting companies, there’s plenty to keep everyone entertained including family theatre and comedy

Mini-Golf2 August to 2 September – An Exeter themed mini-golf course will pop up for the last weeks of summer so come down to putt your way around Fore Street and the ruins of the city wall. And they’ve said you can take your beer in.

Cocktails, Beer, Ice Cream and BBQ’s – From 26 onwards – We’ll be offering a mouth-watering selection of drinks and food for you to enjoy in the summer sunshine (that’s right, they’re feeling optimistic about the weather)

We’ll be checking out some shows, AND to BOOK tickets to the theatre festival on the quay, click here. You can book 5 shows for £20* (*where available but still a bargain!) and individual ticket prices range between £5 and £8, so go get involved!


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