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Building my own Back to The Future DeLorean [Parts 20 – 27 Build Blog]

We’ve all seen those adverts that encourage you to ‘Build Your Own [insert awesome thing here]‘ and it’s not often I take up the challenge but, as well as huge love for Back to the Future, building my own DeLorean was too good an opportunity to miss. With Parts 1-19 already done, we move on with the gradual but complex engine build which really gives you one heck of a detailed section and because it feels like the right moment, let’s ramp up the coverage with 7 HUGE parts in one hit.

Remember the shape that was coming together last time out? – head here for a look back – Well, after this update you’ll finally be able to screw your engine into the chassis and see how far you’ve come, even if I do think a few more parts each month would work just as well and give you something even more impressive to enjoy.

Now, here’s a tip or, possibly, more a fact of things I’ve learned as a first timer: The bits that look like they’ll be simple is usually when you’ll need to be more patient and, with that in mind, it appears to be connected to how many screws you get while building particular parts. It’s a good challenge though and I’ve also found I’ve started improvising and being braver if something doesn’t seem right. By the way, if something isn’t right, you usually haven’t quite followed the instructions properly.

So for this blog update we’re gonna do it slightly differently to before, because I want to offer up an image diary as I believe it shows the sequence just as well. What you need to know about these parts is that although they’re intricate, you’re getting somewhere on the push forward and if you have any questions about specific parts, please just message me or leave a comment. I’d be more than happy to break the process down.

With Parts 20 – 23 we build the final stages of the engine which includes air intake manifolds, cylinder head covers, tiny oil filler caps, A/C compressor and brackets, throttle controls, fuel injectors, then some distributor parts to put together and the famous dip stick!

Once that’s sorted out, you’re onto parts 24-27 which includes sets of pulleys, an alternator fan, two belts for the engine which gives it a fine look and you can see the process below. Not forgetting the exhaust front left and right pipes, parts for the silencer, more exhaust pipe, the first set of radiator fans, mounting brackets plus… we get the horn – hah! No apologies so…

Here’s what happened in ‘as it was made’ order:

As you can see from the imagery, it’s very smart and despite the occasionally fiddly point, I found the process very positive and far more involving than I initially expected and, best of all, it’s already an incredibly solid build.

If you want to sign up now to Build Your Own Delorean, from Eaglemoss and Universal, it’s so simple and the promises of ‘ straightforward panels and parts that simply click or screw into place’ are true.

Follow my blog along the way as I endeavour to prove that anyone can do this and it can still be rewarding!





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