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Star Trek in Concert review: Dir. J.J. Abrams (2009) [Live at the Royal Albert Hall]

The Royal Albert Hall may well be the best way to experience a classic film – projected onto their colossal big screen in glorious cinematic quality to an audience of 5,272 (give or take), accompanied by a live score performed by the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra (Conducted by Ernst van Tiel). Add into the mix a modern classic in the form of JJ Abrams‘ excellent Star Trek reboot from 2009, and you have all the ingredients for the perfect cinematic experience!

There’s little to say about the film itself that others haven’t already said – a smart, fun, edge of your seat summer blockbuster, epic in scope and big on character. Comprising one of the greatest ensemble casts ever assembled in a major move franchise and boasting a refreshing new take on Gene Roddenberry‘s timeless creation, it’s still a rollicking fun sci-fi adventure for all the family, even now on the cusp of it’s 10th Anniversary.

Of course, one of the film’s greatest achievements is the gorgeous musical score composed by Michael Giacchino. Equal parts sweeping emotion and soaring action-adventure thrill-ride, it’s a beautifully arranged score that pays a debt to the original music of Trek luminaries like James Horner and Jerry Goldsmith, whilst inventing entirely new musical moments that boldly go where no Star Trek score has ever gone before!

Performed live and in perfect time to the movie, one cannot deny the sheer inventiveness of Giacchino‘s work on all three of the films to date. In this setting, the more subtle and tender moments you may normally miss are there for all to hear, whilst the bigger set pieces pack more punch then they ever could on a DVD. The choral elements and the larger string sections are especially louder and clearer in this environment, and we’re all for it. Frankly, if you leave the concert hall without goosebumps up your arms, you’ve clearly not been listening!

A fantastic experience for fans of everything Star Trek, Michael Giacchino or even good ‘ol science fiction classics, the Royal Albert Hall’s breathtaking performances are everything your heart could possibly desire!

The Royal Albert Hall regularly screen classic films with live orchestral accompaniment in their spectacular surroundings, find out more about their upcoming titles that include Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Jurassic Park, Harry Potter, Star Wars and more right here www.royalalberthall.com/tickets/films-in-concert



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