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Book Now: Mark Kermode heading to Exeter Northcott for ‘How Does It Feel?’

Mark Kermode has long been one of my favourite film critics but I’m also very aware of his love for music, which is coincidentally also my first love! His new tour ‘How Does It Feel?’ sounds awesome and ties into his book release, that’s out on 20 September (Order here). The book is set to take us inside the musical misadventures of his younger years, and tickets for the show are available now when he visits Exeter Northcott on 28th October.

Mark Kermode recounts his utterly foolhardy attempts to fulfill his dreams of becoming a pop star – from building an electric guitar from scratch while at school, to playing the tea chest bass on the kids TV show ‘Utterly Brilliant’, and becoming the musical director of a major TV show – all without ever learning to read music. This will be a hilarious evening in which the film critic recalls falling in love with Slade as a teenager, and recording an album at Sun Studio as an ageing old ted. Warning: There may be musical interludes.  Or not.

Also, Mark will be signing copies of his new book after the show, and the Northcott also offer pre-show dining if you fancied making a whole evening of it, click here for more on that option.

Want to book now? Order tickers here: Exeternorthcott.co.uk/Mark-Kermode-how-does-it-feel


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