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The Hitchhiker’s Guide to The Galaxy – Quintessential Phase [Vinyl Review]

In my head, I’ve always linked the likes of Douglas Adams, Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman and so with the huge success of the Good Omens and American Gods in recent times, it’s exciting that Demon Music Group have continued to bring forth these vinyl releases, alongside some stunning artwork and perfect sound recordings on unique, collectable vinyl.

This specific new release for The Hitchhiker’s Guide to The Galaxy, and all its beautiful madness, is Episodes 23 – 26 of the BBC radio series that was first broadcast in 2005 and comes to vinyl exclusively for the very first time. Aptly named the Quintessential Phase, it’s based on Douglas Adams‘ fifth Hitchhiker’s novel, Mostly Harmless, and it’s also as it was heard on the original Radio 4 broadcast with that cast recorded.

There’s something deeply special, and also very British – for me – about the world of Hitchhikers, Arthur and the characters it explores and we invest in. Continual clever word-play, out of this world storylines and colourful narratives drag you in easily and they’ll even offer you a nice cup of tea, what more could you want? More? Well, there’s 2 LP’s inside a heavy-bound (unless you’re a small mammal you’ll be able to lift it) 20- page book, including a Perspective sleeve note by Simon Jones and an overview of the series’ development by Jem Roberts, Adams’s official biographer. We didn’t find any issues at all with the sound quality, it sounds superb, so put your record on, sit back and let yourself be taken away by Adams’ original, unique Hitchhikers world once again.

For a little official summary, here you go:

This startling conclusion to the original ‘trilogy in five parts’ features not one but two versions of Tricia McMillan, the woman who would/would not take off with a two-headed alien and become Zaphod’s girlfriend Trillian. Arthur’s search for his lost love takes him to the planet Lamuella, home of the Perfectly Normal Beast, whilst Ford’s visit to the Hitchhiker’s Guide HQ reunites him with an old acquaintance. Soon they are all involved in a frantic race to save Earth…again!

Released this 28th June, the Amazon exclusive version also includes a signed print from Arthur Dent himself… Simon Jones. Be quick to order though, as it’s limited to 500 copies and takes the form of a heavyweight pink vinyl, packaged in the lavish style of the preceding Primary Phase, Secondary Phase, Tertiary Phase and Quandary Phase LP releases. In truth, the photos don’t do the presentation justice because the bright pink is as vibrant as the world of HGTTG and the designs, quotes and images inside the collection are as lush and individual as you’d expect.



Starring William Franklyn and Peter Jones as The Book, with Jones as Arthur Dent, Geoffrey McGivern as Ford Prefect, Mark Wing-Davey as Zaphod, Susan Sheridan as Trillian, Sandra Dickinson as Tricia McMillan, Samantha Beart as Random and Rula Lenska as The Bird, with a guest cast including Jonathan Pryce, John Challis, Mitch Benn, Michael Fenton-Stevens, Saeed Jaffrey, Miriam Margolyes, Griff Rhys Jones, Stephen Moore, Jane Horrocks and many more, with music by Philip Pope and Paul ‘Wix’ Wickens.5 STARS

Adapted, Directed and Co-Produced by Dirk Maggs, order it now: https://amzn.to/2KS5I6d

On the deck and playing beautifully!




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