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The first trailer for Star Trek: Picard Season 2 offers a proper character tease….

Considering I always enjoyed Star Trek: The Next Generation, there was a fearfulness over how Star Trek: Picard would treat Jean-Luc and if they’d made the right choice in bringing back the iconic character. Thankfully, Season 1 of Picard gave us all the right answers, with great performances and a compelling new adventure, alongside an unexpectedly different direction for the Star Trek universe, bringing in questions of previous decisions and the very nature of the Federation itself.

While Season 1 was wonderful, see my full rundown here, I wasn’t sure if they’d do a Season 2 but if this teaser is anything to go by – and it is a proper teaser – then they’re opening up the past, picking out the most interesting characters and setups, and running with it – bringing in a question of time and reality, which I’m well up for. With production of Season 2 very much underway, we’re expecting to see the new series on Prime Video in 2022:

Star Trek: Picard Season 2 will star Sir Patrick Stewart, John de Lancie (as Q) and, we assume, other cast members from Season 1 in 2022.

Additionally, the 30-minute animated comedy Star Trek: Lower Decks revealed its first look at season two, which is set to launch on Prime Video:


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