New online contemporary platform ‘Art Gazzette’ launches to support artists in a post-covid market

Whilst we’d all love to visit every art gallery, and shop, that we could to discover new artists and their portfolio’s, I think the last year has truly highlighted how difficult it can be to not only set yourself up, but also become noticed in a wealth of great talent and hit the right markets.

Today, Art Gazette launches with a new web platform, they already have over 7,500 original contemporary artworks by more than 450 artists for sale. The art has been purchased directly from the artists, who have been paid up-front for their work, which is an entirely new business model and one that works in synergy with artist’s exhibition and gallery commitments – making it ever-more accessible to everyone.

Beginning with a focus on smaller pieces ranging from A4-A0 in size, which would be ideal for almost any space, including offices, hotels, restaurants, retailers and home interiors. The company is led by former CEO of Saatchi Gallery Nigel Hurst, art collector, entrepreneur and philanthropist Martin Epstein, and curator Morné Visagie.

The Art Gazette team has been busy buying work from artists well before the pandemic, since early 2019. This acquisition phase has provided an important lifeline at a fraught time for artists when many have had exhibitions and art fairs postponed or cancelled due to COVID. The team there tell us that they ‘recognise the inherent value in work that is not ordinarily monetised, such as preliminary studies and sketches toward more ambitious projects; works in series that examine recurring and changing ideas; and exploratory pieces through which artists expand their practice into new media and lines of enquiry’.

Because this work would rarely be exhibited, by working with Art Gazette – artists can earn money from this important side of their practice as well as from gallery shows. Their catalogue shows a dedication to work that addresses the diverse issues of our time in a broad range of media, including painting, drawing, collage, photography, print, sculpture, and textiles.

Visitors to artgazette.com will be able to browse work by a range of artists including: Alice Wilson (b. 1982, UK), who explores the perpetual human need for shelter and belonging despite our technological advances; Lebogang Mabusela (b. 1996, South Africa), who subverts gender norms through harnessing childhood memory, lived experience, and found objects; Spanish photographer Clemente Vergara (b.1985), with his remarkable devotion to the art of composition and masterful blurring of the line between abstraction and photography; and Lakin Ogunbanwo (b.1987, Nigeria), whose enigmatic photography is erotic, unsettling, figurative and abstract, in turn.

Art Gazette’s new interactive website artgazette.com, which launches today enables artists to create online portals where they can submit proposals of work they wish to be included in the inventory. These submissions will be reviewed by the Art Gazette team, and, if selected, artists will be paid within ten days of the works having been received, checked and approved. Should a proposal be unsuccessful, artists receive feedback on their work and are encouraged to submit further work for consideration in future.

Nigel Hurst, co-founder of Art Gazette, had this to say:

The past year has been unimaginably challenging for artists around the world, so we are delighted to officially launch Art Gazette as a viable, alternative revenue stream at a time when many artists are struggling to make ends meet. As we begin to emerge into a post-Covid world, it is critical that the visual arts sector continues to innovate and create new opportunities for artists and buyers.

“A lesson we’ve all learned during the past year or so is that the environments we find ourselves in each day, matter. Through Art Gazette, we are connecting artists with those who wish to acquire and display their work, be it in public or private, and in doing so help create more beautiful, creative spaces for people to live, work, and play in.”


Twitter @art_gazette & Instagram @art_gazette

Facebook: artgazetteglobal


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