LEGO Review: Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 sets and build blog!

To celebrate the release of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 I’ve been building another exciting range of LEGO goodness, this time in the shape of three sets that offer a little in-world awesomeness. Although they might throw in some very subtle spoilers if you’ve not quite seen the film yet, in truth they don’t give anything away all and can only expand the world from the new movie. Our first set-build is The Milano Vs The Abilisk (R.R.P. £44.99 – Currently £31.99), which is Star-Lord’s ship – rebuilt by the Nova Corps of course at the end of GOTG as a thank you – and so let us begin…

This little beaut was offered up last time around but this new version gives us a more compact ship. Alongside mini-figures of Baby Groot, Star-Lord, Gamora, Nebula and Drax, you’re building the vehicle that gets them where they need, or just happen to end up, to be. The rather cool Abilisk monster stands out with bright pink tentacles and offers us a ‘Seymour’ from Little Shop of Horrors-style and bitey teeth. Once it is completed, which holds a momentary minor complexity as it also revolves back and forth over 180 degrees, it’s a neat little monster that’s very recognisable.

The Milano features the now-classic stud shooters but also the ability to drop some bombs onto the beast below. What I also like is the way the tips of the wing can expand and move, which enables and suggest a lot of manoeuvrability, both in compact and general flight. The suggested build age of 7-14 works once again, it’s not like they don’t know their stuff, but maybe a little help might be needed for certain sections, like the aforementioned wing tips. I also love the Tape-Deck inside the bridge, which is now a huge and famous part of the GOTG world because; after all, what is any adventure without a great soundtrack? Check out the build video (Made by @toomanyjenners for CP) for this below and some shots of the finished product:

The Ravager Attack (R.R.P. £19.99) set is up next, which has the mini-figures of Rocket plus newcomers Mantis and Ravager Taserface, which is possibly what people want to do to him when they see him? His little six-stud shooter M-ship that’s small but full of stud-fire-power! The rather classic red and black design is almost like a mini-Milano and is, reportedly, out to chase the *POSSIBLE MINOR SPOILER ALERT* crash-landed Rocket and Mantis on a forest planet. The idea with this set is about hiding and our Raccoon-like legend getting his tech head on to design a weapon to take down the ship which mainly consists of a huge machine-gun-like stud gun that you can revolve. I loved it a lot more than expected!

Take a look at the gallery below for a build progression in this stylish expansion of the Guardians of the Galaxy 2 world.

Finally we’ve got a slightly bigger set with Ayesha’s Revenge (R.R.P. £29.99, currently at £22.39) which, thankfully, doesn’t give anymore away in terms of plot. To be fair though, as I said earlier, I’ve found LEGO can be very good at offering up scenes without knowing spoilers. This set has a feisty Golden Drone weapon that belongs to (also) golden Ayesha, and although she’s on revenge I’m not sure what for but it still packs a tidy punch with its compact shape and looks quite robust. Your mini-figures here are Yondu, with his Yaka whistle-controlled arrow, Star-Lord and the aforementioned Ayesha, plus a Baby Groot in a new Ravager suit.

What I really like in this collection is Yondu’s Laser Drill, with its clear, curved front window it’s super smart and also the oval shape really makes it look like a fighting animal, should it need to be. Not only does it have a spring-loaded missile on one side, cockpit slides out to reveal the seat which can easily slide any character into battle in an instant. This part is easy to put together and LEGO help you along with 1:1 diagrams to help measure specifics, the build age is also 7-14 and fits that bracket. Either side of the ship is two side panels that open out like two large Captain America shields but, let it be said, that’s not what they’re for. Behind those panels is a small, hidden ‘cupboard’ on the opposing side you can store tools because, after all, it’s supposed to be a Laser Drill as well.

Check out the images of the build below and as always, please do get in touch with any questions at all! All three sets are available to buy now and come with a mini-comic that suggests very obviously that all these could work well together! I’ve linked them in below the pictures if you want to click straight through.

Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 is out in UK cinemas now, as are all the featured LEGO sets with links above and below:

The Milano Vs The Abilisk (R.R.P £44.99 but currently £31.99)

The Ravager Attack (R.R.P. £19.99)

Ayesha’s Revenge (R.R.P. £29.99 but currently £22.39)

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