Exeter: Picturehouse Pop-up Screenings coming to Double Locks this June!

Double Locks Pub, Exeter.

I’ve been a supporter of local Picturehouse cinemas wherever I can because I feel they bring something extra special, and genuine, to the film-going experience here in the UK. After spending five years in London, I frequented quite a number of their venues across the Big Smoke attending events, using their bars and, of course, watching films.

Where’s all this going you ask? Well, Exeter Picturehouse is probably the finest cinema we have in Exeter and since I’ve returned, I signed up for a Membership and shared the love where I can, in a film sense you understand. But before further digression, it’s very exciting to announce that on June 10 and 11, they’re bringing their San Miguel Picturehouse Pop-Up to the Double Locks for a weekend of outdoor cinema!

Showing Steven Spielberg‘s undeniable classic Jaws (UPDATE: We did this and it was magnificent) on 10 June, and Bruce Robinson‘s cult favourite Withnail & I on 11 June, the screenings are set to start around dusk at the Double Locks Pub (which is here in case you’re not quite sure) but doors open at 7:00, so arrive early to enjoy the evening from their fully licensed bar. Oh, there’s also onsite catering, so you can find something to enjoy there as well, all provided by the pub.

Obviously, for newcomers, the screenings take place in the open, but there’s a limited amount of deckchairs available on a first-come-first-served basis, and if you miss out on those, there’s also cardboard ‘bumbox’ seating for sale but, also, we’ve been informed it’s also okay for you to bring along your own small picnic chairs as long as you don’t mind sitting towards the back a little. I’ve attended these before and it’s always a fun, special experience, highly recommended and so…

Book here for Jaws: Tickets

Book here for Withnail & I: Tickets

I’ll be there, and will hopefully see you at one of the evenings as well!

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