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Indie review: Emerge by E. M. Watson – “The conceptual short we’ve been waiting for”

Emerge is a breathtaking short film starring, and orchestrated by, the visionary, multi-talented E. M. Watson and directed by Daniel Espeut. It’s heartbreaking to acknowledge that this film is based upon true events, but instead of taking you on an emotional roller-coaster, this 30-minute feature illustrates a sobering message to its audience.

The film teases wrought human emotion, detachment, guilt, faith and freedom to convey a pure ideology of faith, every day, and how people are faced with loss, guilt and despair, how we suffer in ways beyond words and yet Emerge somehow captures the vicarious emotions that we’re plagued with.

Watson’s narrative leaves no room for predictability with its David Lynch-style chaos and surrealism. It’s packed with poignant, evocative raw human emotion and raucous energy that represents the alienation found within love, loss and anger. Watson also provides a showcase in talent, as the short weaves through the plot with a myriad of twists & turns that will leave your head spinning.

For fans of the macabre, you’re in for a treat, there’s some delectably dark undertones to enjoy within the imagery and mise-en-scène that complement the harrowing tale as it unfolds, and Emerge grants you a dark insight which has the definite potential to resonate inside the mind of every viewer.

Watch it in full below:

You can also visit E.M. Watson’s website for more information on him and his work:



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