Book Review: LEGO – Absolutely Everything You Need to Know (HB 2017)


There’s a definite split right now between the old, nostalgic LEGO-loving crowd and the usual young crowd of kids who just want to build anything and everything. That’s not saying the kids can’t be clever – Have you seen LEGO Masters on Channel 4?? -but it’s the adults who are taking on their pop culture loves and helping to make LEGO one of the biggest retail success stories of recent times… and why not, it’s a whole lot of fun whatever your age.

This new book, from DK Publishing, is more so for the younger audience of 6-7 years and up because it’s one of those classic fact-filled collections that you can delve into deeply and lose yourself with facts, history and figures. I used to love this kind of book in my youth and although the older LEGO fanatic could still find a lot of information here, it’s your younger viewers who’ll love the bright, excited details, the look at everything LEGO that’s ever been and the chance to impress your friends with stats and stuff.


For example: Did you know that over 68,000 pieces of LEGO are created every minute? That the first LEGO-branded pieces were produced in 1934? That they chose yellow because it represented all skin colours on their first release in 1978… and that that minifigure form hasn’t changed since then?! The first LEGO Star Wars spaceships launched in 1999 and, it’d very easy to go on for 232 pages.

The sheer scale of information in the book is super smart, from colour schemes and charts, to animals and LEGO parks, from reinvention and new invention, right through to Technics, Ninjago, pop culture-tie-ins and SO much more… LEGO’s ‘Absolutely Everything You Need to Know‘ really is very impressive and definitely gives you everything you really could ever know up-to the present day!

LEGO: Absolutely Everything You Need to Know, by Simon Hugo, is out to own now – Order it by clicking on the image below!


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43 thoughts on “Book Review: LEGO – Absolutely Everything You Need to Know (HB 2017)

  1. My 2 boys love Lego and would be great to learn everything about it. I might even read it first and pretend I know more than them!


  2. Would love this, I’ve been playing with LEGO for 40 years now. My daughter loves it, so if I won I may share this priz with her


  3. I would love to win because my partner LOVES Lego… we have so many LEGO car models in our house, they now need their own bookcase! It’s his birthday at the end of the month and he’d be totally made up if I got him this ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. Our household is all Lego mad – unfortunately it can, at times, resemble the movie and the younger ones are NOT allowed to touch the Star Wars/Batman sets. This has just made them all the more obsessed with Lego – collecting, learning, winding the adults up…..

    They’d have great fun with this: teasing us with facts that nobody else knows and it would enhance their reading skills.

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  5. I would love this book because I’m a big old lego nerd…

    I mean…

    I want this book for my son because he loves lego and I definitely wouldn’t hog it all to myself. I would never do that.


  6. My two year old Grandson is starting to get interesting in building, but my two older sons and my son in law (aged between 24 – 34) are big collectors and fans.


  7. I love playing lego with my five grandchildren because it so good for us all to play together but use our own imaginations to create sparked off by an idea! e.g. If I say we will make a village, everyone make a house and I will get five completely different buildings but they all come together to make something and its great for all their different abilities and to build confidence and teamwork!


  8. My nephew is obsessed with lego! He has been working really hard at school and deserves a nice treat. He’d love it!


  9. I won a box of lego 40 years ago and played and played with it. I now have a Grandson who seems equally happy to play for hours with it to my delight so I would love this great book to find out more about this iconic brand and the endless opportunities to create new toys.


  10. I’m having my first baby and although the baby won’t be using Lego or reading about it themselves, I’m keen to start reading to my baby and doing book swaps with other parents. It doesn’t matter how you get a book, it’s about reading them to your child, I believe. And then passing this knowledge to another child. I struggled to read but so wanted to read. So I’m hoping to help my child as much as possible.


  11. Essentially, because my 2 sons (aged 10 and 7) believe that Lego is the answer to everything. They even famously said if Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un played LEGO together then I’m sure the threat of war would go away – they’re probably true!!


  12. My son is always playing with Lego and it would be nice to win these books to read to him the history of lego. It could be a real good bonding experience for us


  13. Have an autistic granddaughter who is a wizard at building things using lego would love to win this book for her as it would be of interest to her and also educational.

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  14. My 7-year-old son doesn’t stop talking about Lego; with this book at his dispsal he might tell us something new that he hasn’t already told us 1,000 times! ๐Ÿ™‚


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