Things We Love: Absolute Cult’s Christmas jumpers and Star Wars Porg Tee’s

It’s clear that we love our pop culture here at Critical Popcorn, we really do, and thinking you’re the kind of folks who do as well. Let us lead you into the temptation of relative newcomers Absolute Cult and their impressive range of officially licensed goods which covers all the latest movies, superheroes, TV shows and so much more.

There’s a lot of great, unique designers out there (I must recommend Last Exit to Nowhere if you’re looking for something in-world) and if you’re after the merch that gets right to the point and does it impressively, and with great quality, then Absolute Cult are on the money right now. Plus, they’re developing their own style that comes across with a lot of heart.

As we’re all hitting the impending chaos of Christmas, we wanted to highlight their Christmas jumper range and a little extra Star Wars: The Last Jedi goodness. Gone are the days of the ugly sweater, what is this 2015, and now is the age of sharing your geek-love to the world, and beyond.

First up, we’ve been testing Absolute Cult‘s printed Hulk and wonderful Star Wars Christmas ‘Tree’ jumpers and as you can see from the shots below, they’re both top quality and having personally tested their warmth in the last couple of weeks, I can say they do the job! Click the link below to pick up your own!

Star Wars Christmas Tree Jumper

Incredible Hulk Christmas Jumper

Also, we absolutely love their The Last Jedi Christmas-like PORG T-SHIRT! I don’t know why but I already love the Porg. Bring on the Porg…. oh you get the idea. Below is a closer look at what you’ll get and it’s a great fit. Mine’s a medium, regular fit and everything you’d want. Again, click the link to purchase.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Porgs!

Although we’ve just looking at some great Star Wars and Marvel-related Christmas jumpers and T-Shirts on this occasion, Absolute Cult also do a whole host of items that’ll take you through the year. It’s all official, with pop culture t-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies that also features bands, solo artists as well as Star Wars, Disney, Marvel & DC Comics characters – Go check ’em out.

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