Christmas Gift Guide 2018: Firebox and their unique gifts!

Here at Critical Popcorn we love Christmas. Yeah, there we said it! But we’re not just here to share our love for all things seasonal, we’ve also put together a series of Christmas Gift Guides that offer something exciting for the people in your life you’d like to surprise. While there are always films to recommend, and out among the the mass of books, prints and merchandise, how about the mighty Firebox?

You don’t know who they are? This you’re going to like. They sell the coolest, craziest, inventive things you’ve ever seen and didn’t know you wanted: FACT. Looking for an unusual gifts and you’re one of those people with imagination? You’re in the right place so let’s begin with mugs that not only celebrate that geeky love but are also both retro and bang on trend.

Thanos’ Infinity Gauntlet AS YOUR MUG? With all the gems? YES. Just do it. And it’s a gold chrome glaze, just order now and one for someone else as well but, be quick, they sold out the first time but more come into stock from 12 December.

Click the link, not your fingers, it’s a bargain £12.99 Firebox.com/InfinityGauntletMug

Never knew you needed, and wanted, a PacMan ‘Inky the Ghost’ Mug? They’ve got it, look at it – it’s a beauty! Everyone has PacMan after all, he’s the easy choice but we love Inky because look at it!

Order now, it’s only £10.99: Firebox.com/InkytheGhostMug

I find it hard to stay away from recommending Dinosaur things and while, as those so-called adults we’re supposed to be, might frown at some Dino-love, I think this planter might just sneak in between the lines of Jurassic admiration and modern living. It’s also ceramic and top quality, so while you did have to be delicate with it, you can get a succulent plant or cactus in there and enjoy the addition. As well as this Plantosaurus Rex, there’s also a Plantosaurus AND a Tricerapot… which is worth buying for the name alone.

They’re only £29.99 and wonderfully original: Firebox.com/DinosaurPlanters

COOKERY! Yes, these two books might look simple on the outside but, my word, they contain some stunning ideas for meals you may have not made yet. The Geek’s Cookbook includes some truly inspired suggestions for all your favourite programmes, may I recommend The Joker inspired one, see above, and also the Sam Gamgee Stew, it’s very precious...

For only £10.99, it’s absolute amazing how good this is: Firebox.com/TheGeeksCookbook

And then there’s Snoop Dogg’s from Crook to Cook. Now, that’s a legendary title for the legend himself but these foods, wow man. Absolutely California-inspired from that fine West Coast, you’ve obviously got Chicken and Waffles – plus Gin and Juice – but also the likes of Baby Got Back Ribs – which are so good, we want them all. He’s even got a recommendation and intro from the legend Martha Stewart. Fact.

This is the best present this year, we’re sure of it, but it now for £17.99: Firebox.com/FromCrookToCook

Excited by these but want more ideas? Head to them now to find even more: Firebox.com

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