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Introducing Agent Mobius in this new exclusive #Loki clip, direct from the MTV Movie and TV Awards!

After the outstanding WandaVision, and the deliberate, compelling The Falcon Captain America and The Winter Soldier, it’s nearly time for Tom Hiddleston to take us deeper into the world of the Asgardian troublemaker with Marvel Studios’ new Disney+ series Loki.

Coming to the streaming platform from 9 June – mid-week! – the first trailer looked absolutely crazy (watch here!), playing with time and all kinds of good things, and now we’ve got this exclusive clip from Loki, which was shown during last night’s MTV Movie & TV Awards 2021, which aired live from the Palladium and was hosted by Leslie Jones.

In this clip, we meet Owen Wilson‘s Agent Mobius and get a little insight of the early stages, which instantly questions the nature of time and opens up the MCU to Phase 4 in an even bigger way than we’ve had already. I say make the most of all these early Marvel show moments because they’re high class, watch the teaser:

Loki is coming to Disney+ from 9 June!


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