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Marvel Studios confirm titles for Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe [Full Rundown]

While the dust might have started to settle on the announcement of Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the excitement certainly hasn’t. This is especially true when it comes to thinking about all the new shows and films on their way from Marvel Studios and, my word, it’s one hell of a line-up!

While, granted, somewhere in my head I’m concerned that such an extensive selection of choice, and the fact much of it will be on the new Disney+ subscription channel (and how many pay-for-streaming channels can we have?!), might become a bit of overkill, I’m an optimist and so if you love the stories, the comics, and the possibility of the world’s they create, then there’s definitely fun to be had.

But, in the meantime, are you ready for the good stuff? Let’s begin…

May 1 2020: Black Widow

Director: Cate Shortland

Starring: Scarlett Johansson, Florence Pugh, David Harbour, Rachel Weisz, and OT Fagbenle

Black Widow is probably the least ‘surprising’ announcement on the roster, as it has been rumoured for a loong time, but it’s great that it is finally on the way. I’ve always liked Johansson’s Natasha Romanoff and if this wasn’t happening now, it might never happen so bring it on! Also, I recall Marvel hunting for filming locations a couple of years ago in the UK, something similar to an old Russian town ‘similar to…’, I do wonder what they found in the end!

November 6 2020: Eternals

Director: Chloé Zhao

Starring: Angelina Jolie, Richard Madden, Kumail Nanjiani, Lauren Ridloff, Brian Tyree Henry, Salma Hayek, Lia McHugh, and Don Lee

Well, this ragged lot (not raggedy), are simply a race of immortal beings who lived on Earth and shaped its history and civilisation, so you know, not much power there then. And as Kevin Feige himself notes: “All of these myths and legends that we know from ancient times, were they inspired by the Eternals?” – Created by the Celestials (remember Ego in GOTG2?), they’re actually near-immortal but it’s easier to sell them as unstoppable! I have no idea what they’ve got planned though.

Autumn 2020: The Falcon and the Winter Soldier (Disney+ TV show)

Starring: Anthony Mackie, Sebastian Stan

There’s another fine cast here, as well as the two leads, they’ve got Daniel Brühl reprising his role from Captain America: Civil War. As you may also see, the logo is all a bit Captain America, so it’s pretty clear that Falcon – more than likely – will be the new Cap, right? I mean, Marvel haven’t misled us before…

February 12 2021: Shang-Chi and The Legend of the Ten Rings

Director: Destin Daniel Cretton

Starring: Simu Lu, Tony Leung, Awkwafina

Now I don’t know this one as well as others but after the Mandarin shenanigans of Iron Man 3, we’re getting a real one and Marvel have pulled it out of the bag once again, as he’ll be played by Tony Leung, a true legend! Title character Shang-Chi, will be played by Simi Liu, and I kinda love that I don’t much about the Canadian actor, plus we have the addition of the mighty Awkwafina, this could be the big one to look out for, I love that it’s on the way!

Spring 2021: WandaVision (Disney+ TV show)

Starring: Elizabeth Olsen, Paul Bettany

Well, these two again! Scarlet Witch and Vision are back and while there’s no plot at this stage, it’ll no doubt be looping in and out with Doctor Strange, as Olsen is in that as well, she also said “It’s gonna get weird!” – Already sold. The show will also give us an adult Monica Rambeau, first seen as a kid in Captain Marvel, and will be played by Teyonah Parris.

Spring 2021: Loki (Disney+ TV show)

Starring: Tom Hiddleston

Loki. What else did you want? You’ll be tuning in. But, so you know, it’ll feature the version of Loki we know and love from the 2012 Avengers film. Again, LOKI! (If you’re here looking for the extra Loki, we told a white lie, it’s just him and that’s good enough for us!)

May 7 2021: Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Director: Scott Derrickson

Starring: Benedict Cumberbatch, Elizabeth Olsen

C’mon, how good is that title? Doctor Strange was an unexpected favourite of late, I love an odd-mind multiverse of anything-is-possible and while it took a moment to get over Cumberbatch’s accent (not because it’s not good but, because…), it’s a smart film and he’s almost got that Tony Stark-edge now, considering his self-belief and power. This is also where Scarlet Witch comes back into play as well, Olsen of course, and oooh… where’s it going to go?! Obviously, we don’t know yet and it’s two years away (!).

Summer 2021: What If? (Disney+ TV show)

Starring: Jeffrey Wright, Chris Evans, Hayley Atwell (voices)

What’s particularly different about What If…? is that it’s an animated TV series where, pretty much, anything goes with the characters. Hence the ‘what if…’ title. It’ll also have the PROPER voices, well the ones we know, linked to the series. Which is an huge bonus for any fan and adds that extra level of connection. So, if you were wondering, that’s this lot:

Paul Rudd, Jeremy Renner, Karen Gillan, Chadwick Boseman, Chris Hemsworth, Samuel L. Jackson, Jeremy Renner, Karen Gillan,  Chadwick Boseman, Chris Hemsworth, Samuel L. Jackson, Josh Brolin, Toby Jones, Djimon Hounsou, Jeff Goldblum, Michael B. Jordan, Sebastian Stan, Michael Rooker, Chris Sullivan and Michael Douglas.

Autumn 2021: Hawkeye (Disney+ TV show)

Starring: Jeremy Renner

THE RENNER LUNGE will return! And, more importantly, it’ll introduce Kate Bishop. So this is will be the adventures of the Young Avenger, who took on the role after Clint Barton.

November 5 2021: Thor: Love and Thunder

YES! This is Director Taika Waititi‘s follow-up to the outstanding Thor: Ragnarok but, that’s definitely not all, because as well as Chris Hemsworth, this one will feature Natalie Portman as a female Thor – emulating a story in The Mighty Thor – and it just seems, well, like it’s going to be amazing. We trust in Waititi!

Date TBC: Blade

Yes, Blade is back! But this time starring the outstanding Mahershala Ali – YAAASSS! He arrived on the SDCC stage at the very end of the Marvel presentation, and this is very exciting. It perfect already. Feige has been after Blade for a long time, the producer started back at Marvel nearly 20 years ago, and so this feels like another passion project and what a lead!

There’s also these dates below, with the obvious additions of Black Panther 2, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, Captain Marvel 2, and Fantastic Four (NO ORIGIN STORY PLEASE), but maybe some of these dates will come into play for those latter mentioned titles:

February 18 2022: Untitled Marvel Movie

May 6 2022: Untitled Marvel Movie

July 29 2022: Untitled Marvel Movie

What are you most excited about? Let us know below!


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