Indie Disco Anthems (140g Double LP) review

Nostalgia? Absolutely.

Set the scene, it’s nearly the mid-2000s and while the indie days of Oasis, Blur, Pulp, and the likes who started it all have stepped away to do other things, life’s surprisingly good. There’s no social media to distract you, and you still find new music and share it with your mates (never forget Myspace) because one major thing has never changed, it’s your love for the Indie Disco down your local, sticky-floored, cash only, favourite indie-band-t-shirt venue and there’s nothing else in the world.

Why else would you be considering delving into the memories of Indie Disco Anthems, and this new compilation release from Demon Records hits shelves (and delivery company vans) just at the right time of year? Sure, it’s a bit rainy from time-to-time but this is the UK, and that lingering sense of spring and summer grows closer in every moment. With lighter evenings here, and gatherings in the garden (home or pub) increasing, you need a soundtrack and Indie Disco Anthems from Demon Records is here for you, so let’s take a closer listen…

With hits that span 2001 to 2009 (roughly), these two 140g LPs on vinyl kick off in classy style with Vampire Weekend’s A-Punk setting the scene for an update journey of memories of escapism. Following up with The Cribs with Another Number (and any indie collection needs these lads) and keeping the catchy sound-level up with Razorlight’s Golden Touch, their first big hit – which is more indie pop than their raw debut Up All Night.

Indie darling and outstanding Singer/Songwriter Laura Marling teams up with the Mystery Jets and Young Love from 2008, before we dive into pop-dance smash Golden Skans from Klaxons, which is one of those songs I can hear in my head instantly – and it went Platinum. American’s Modest Mouse keep the party going with Float On, with that excellent upbeat opener that flows in perfectly after The World at Large from their fourth studio album Good News for People who love Bad News, before closing off with Ruby from the Kaiser Chiefs, one of those songs that no-one knows the lyrics but you’ll involuntarily sing along to the chorus.

Other highlights across the records are the likes of LCD Soundsystem’s Daft Punk is Playing at My House, Editors mighty Blood – from the killer debut The Back Room from 2005, and then if you’ve ever played FIFA, you’ll know the menu music for MGMT’s Kids and plenty more here. I also wanted to give a bit shout out to Basement Jaxx, Interpol, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Jet and the outstanding Banquet from the often-forgotten Bloc Party – who know how to write an intelligent tune.

The Indie Disco itself has been, and will always be, a rite of passage for anyone who’s into their music in his genre. You’re ultimately guaranteed a great night out, and if you’re planning to bring that positivity into your party, wherever you’re hosting, then Indie Disco Anthems will bring that upbeat nature to proceedings, and this is an enjoyable way to listen back to your favourites and discover some of the 24 tracks that may well have slipped out of your memory!

Demon Records’ Indie Disco Anthems is out now on 140g double vinyl, order here:


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