Our Christmas gift guide for… Firebox unique gifts!


If, like us, you’re a fan of the unusual and more inventive gift givering (that’s a word now) then we’d be surprised if you’ve not heard of Firebox in the UK. Geeks, mods, rockers, brainiacs, emos, heck even Emus, whatever you want to call yourselves… there’s something here for everyone and especially if you’re looking for something unique and original for Christmas!

Prices start comfortably and spread right across the spectrum, from £4.99 upto £199.99 (and this amazing Parrot drone), I think you’ll find something perfect. To offer a little inspiration, we’ve put together a guide for those film, movie and TV (and Gamer) lovers among you – like me – and so let’s begin…

Hatching Dinosaur Candle (£29.99) – I’m a huge Jurassic Park fan and, let’s be honest, once dinosaurs get into your life they’re forever stuck there, as they are literally in the distances of history. This melting/hatching candle is really impressive and comes in a box that will make you think you’ve got your own little Raptor. I mean, come on, LOOK at it…


Desktop Cinema Light-Box (£14.99) – Now THIS is a must for any film fan… ever. Think of it of your own little cinema and you can display what’s on that evening, or use it for reminders, messages or a favourite film quote. I love the smaller one because it fits perfectly above the Blu-ray shelf and there’s even a bigger one right here. In the meantime though, we had some fun…


Pac-Man Ghost Light (£19.99) – Retro. Pac-Man. Lamp. That’s it right? We love it. You want it. It’s got a spectrum of 16 colours that can smoothly fade or strobe frantically to whichever, and whatever, floats your ghost, er, boat? So Much Yes


Gamer Soaps (£12.99) – These look good in the pictures and, we promise you, they’re just as smart in your hands even if you can’t actually play games with them. I was initially concerned I might pick up the wrong one for the shower but luckily the wireless controllers only came with my PS3/PS4 so the SEGA Mega Drive one is spot on and will help you keep spotless/clean/delete as you like…


If you like these or simply want to browse more, then go visit our friends over at Firebox, there are no regrets where you’re going!

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