He’s a free elf! Dobby is coming to the Warner Bros Studio Tour London


Everybody’s favourite free elf, Dobby, is heading for a short while to the hugely impressive Harry Potter Warner Bros. Studio Tour London from the 4 February and we had to share the exciting news!

As fellow fans will know, Dobby was first introduced on-screen during Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and although predominantly a CGI character, they also went through multiple processes and techniques to create Dobby, which includes everything from a tennis ball on a stick to a wonderful full-sized physical model.

dobby_approvedThe new addition to anyone taking the tour means you’ll be able to take part in an interactive motion capture experience at the Studio Tour. It’ll consist of three screens and will show Dobby at different stages of motion capture. That’s everything from the initial wire-frame to the fully-rendered Dobby as we know and love him. Standing in front of the display, visitors will see three versions of Dobby reflecting their movements in real-time, demonstrating the process used by filmmakers when bringing CGI characters to life on screen.

The Studio Tour blew my mind when I first visited back in late 2012 and this extra, new extension sounds amazing and will continue to bring the whole J.K. Rowling world to life. There’s another bonus as well because they’ll be reopening the Muggle home at 4 Privet Drive, so you can take a look inside the Dursley’s living where you’ll see Harry’s Hogwarts letters up in the air, just like that scene from the Philosopher’s Stone.

Directing Dobby will run at the Studio Tour from Saturday 4 February – Friday 31 March 2017.

Book here for the Warner Bros. Studio Tour London!

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