LEGO Batman Movie ‘The Joker Balloon Escape’ set review and video!

You may have seen our #LEGOBatmanMovie review of ‘The Scuttler, a mightily impressive beast, but today we’re taking a focus on a smaller set in the shape of… The Joker Balloon Escape. This is a quick and easy set to make, even with a few smaller sections, but worth it for the sake of being able to set up a scene with Batman where needs to cling on with his grappling gun to try and drag The Joker back down to Gotham.

Recommended for ages 6-12, it’s also got an explosive extra in the shape of a mini power plant silo consisting of pipes, a computer, pressure meter and bomb elements. These all combine to produce a setup complete with a ‘flip’ section and see that in action by watching the video. I’ve also included a few shots below and then watch the fast-build video to give yourself more insight. We think of ourselves as the everyday LEGO builders, even though those who do it all the time are amazing, so do let us know if you have any enquiries, questions or suggestions either in the comments below and we’ll do what we can to help!

The LEGO ‘The Joker Balloon Escape’ is available to buy here for a bargain £11.99 and you’ll be getting our full review, and video, of the awesome new LEGO Batmobile build very shortly… we might even have a giveaway as well… Keep an eye out!

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