LEGO Batman Movie The Scuttler set review, photos and build video!


Despite a lifetime of love for LEGO, I don’t think anyone really saw the huge success of the LEGO Movie coming but what a wonderfully inventive and entertaining film it is. One of the best things of that movie was, of course, Batman and with the LEGO Batman Movie opening this Friday across the UK, we’re taking a look through the latest LEGO sets and even sharing some ‘making of’ videos to give you an idea of the sheer scale and awesomeness.

Today we start with the big bat/dog/mantis or as it’s actually known… The Scuttler. This build consists of 775 pieces and measures over 8” high, 9” wide and between 10” – 14” long depending on whether you’ve got the mighty arms retracted or extended.  It’s definitely a striking set in scale from the off and even more so when it comes with The Joker and Poison Ivy, the latter who comes with her wonderful ‘vine monster’ extensions as she uses her power to try and take down the Bat.

The LEGO Batman Scuttler is an intricate animal, and not just because it’s a huge crawling/hanging bat, to put together with a few more difficult and tricky parts than your average set but all-in-all worth it for what you’re creating. What’s a great LEGO set without a challenge anyway? The age range of 9-14 is spot on though as by then your classic LEGO builder will have enough experience plus the understanding that you sometimes need a little bit more patience. So if you’re not the adult who’ll be building it, you’ll be able to help your kids get it sorted, no problem.

There’s a lot of fun in the small detail of this one as well, from the ‘shooting’ web cannon, where you can load it up with a small net, set your target and fire at will (it really does go quite far if you catch it right), down the front ‘driving’ compartment where Batman sits perfectly to take down his enemies. On the back you’ll get there’s a bigger space as well for assistants/companions with us finding enough room for three crime-fighting friends and so, basically, you’ll be able to rescue Commissioner Gordon, Barbara Gordon and Dick Grayson when you have to – of course – because they’re also included, even though that space is probably for his hidden Jet Pack.

The Scuttler also has a fully posable head, adjustable ears and two stud shooters, the previously mentioned extendable arms each with dual stud shooters, and posable joints which work really nicely, even if it occasionally feels more delicate than it is. On the weapon side you’ve got a couple of Batarangs, who doesn’t love those, and an iconic The Joker pop gun. Finally, because there’s definitely more, Batman obviously comes with his cape, a new 2017 molded utility belt, the classic Joker purple coat-tail and more vines for a really smart Poison Ivy.

It’s safe to say that it’ll keep you fully occupied throughout the build!  Watch our fast-build in the video below and be nice… it’s our first. We’ve also sped it up to give a quick and easy oversight, and therefore feel free to share, comment, ask questions, anything, just let us know and we’ll be happy to help!

The LEGO Batman Scuttler is available to buy here and you’ll be getting our full reviews, and videos, of the awesome Batman Batmobile build and the Joker Balloon escape this week. Keep an eye out!


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