Kickstart This: Back independent short film ‘Forget Me Not’ on Kickstarter

Over recent years, independent movies of all genres have been given an extra boost and a chance of becoming a reality to passionate filmmakers due to the likes of Kickstarter and today we want to lend our support, and encourage you, to check out Forget Me Not, a new short film from writer and director Nick Goulden.

Set to shoot in Hammersmith, London later this year, the film is placed in the present day and described as ‘a fantastical tale with a nod to the supernatural, where a mysterious, lost little girl strikes up an unexpected friendship with a forlorn, homeless man, in the hope of bringing peace to her family in time for Christmas.’

The thing that made this project stand out, as I’ve backed a number of indie projects over the past few years, is both the vision they have for the story and the professional nature of their idea and plans. Forget Me Not also feels utterly relevant in a time where homelessness is more and more noticeable across all cities in the UK. So, with that in mind, the film sets out to ‘remind us not just to think of others and to do good for those who are in need, but that all of us need help from time to time.

Watch writer/director Nick Goulden and producer Angela Godfrey offer a compelling and passionate plea for support to get this film made. You might think that as they’ve hit early targets that our job is over but that’s not true because independent projects always need every penny that comes their way and all support will help – It’s true!

**Click the link to watch!**


We’ll be backing Forget Me Not and we really think you should to, as well as being a fascinating story, you can get a host of rewards for getting involved including exclusive private links to watch the film once it’s completed, your name in the credits, scripts and more.

If you haven’t clicked the other links already, visit their Kickstarter page to back the project right here, follow them on Twitter @FMN_Short_Film and Facebook: forgetmenotshortfilm


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