I Am Heath Ledger: Thoughtful first trailer for upcoming documentary

Not disrespecting anyone elses’ passing, famous or not, but Heath Ledger‘s death was one of those desperately sad stories that really hit the heart, especially when his talent was so plain to see and yet further escapism with him would never come.

Today I wanted to share the first look at the documentary I Am Heath Ledger, directed by Adrian Buitenhuis and Derik Murray, the latter who has a passion for being a part of docs about successful real-life souls. The film will premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival and what’s interesting about this is how much of Heath we’ll get to see from his own eyes because, as you’ll see in the trailer, he had a huge love for the camera; both still and filming.

Because of the available footage, I Am Heath Ledger looks to delve right into his personal journey, the man he was and who he wanted to be before his saddening death, which was far too young.

Watch it below and let me know what you think…

I Am Heath Ledger premieres at the Tribeca Film Festival 23 April, with a limited cinema release on 3 May, followed by the TV premiere on 17 May in the USA on Spike.


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