Amazon Studios are developing a Danny DeVito and Jeff Goldblum comedy series

You don’t always get what you don’t know what you’ve asked for but, read that again – yup that’s right, Amazon Studios have announced they’re in development of a half-hour comedy series, currently going by the snappy title of Untitled DeVito/Goldblum Comedy, that will star modern acting legends Danny DeVito and Jeff Goldblum. I’m intrigued!

In terms of comic talent and sheer likeability, these two already have it going for them in oodles and here’s the official synopsis to get you in the mood for some DeVitoGoldblum lovin’

An iconic music duo from the past, Matt Downey (Jeff Goldblum) & Arlo Finkleman (Danny DeVito), are forced to reunite despite their longstanding hatred for one another. As the talented but strong-willed pair attempt to reconcile, they turn to the people who somehow manage to love these two incandescent idiots—their wives, ex-wives, children, managers, friends and lovers—all of whom turn out to be as brilliant, infuriating, and frustratingly lovable as Matt and Arlo themselves.

Now this could really work either way but it’s definitely got a dry sense of something humorous beneath all the possible chaos, maybe in the veins of either Curb Your Enthusiasm or even a slightly louder Extras. Created and written by Tim Long, who has written for both The Simpsons and previously the Late Show with David Letterman for many years, it’s being backed by Imagine Television with Danny and Jake DeVito in exec producer roles.

More news on what’s next with this project as I hear it!


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