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Wonderful Istanbul documentary ‘KEDI’ confirms UK release date

After a hugely successful theatrical run in the States, we’re very pleased to share news that Ceyda Torun‘s KEDI, a marvellous street cat documentary filmed in Istanbul, will be getting a UK cinema release on 30 June with Icon Film Distribution.

KEDI, which means Feline in Turkish, is female filmmaker Ceyda Torun’s first major doc feature and has been picking up a lot of critical love. For hundreds of years, street cats have wandered in and out of local people’s lives, becoming an essential part of the communities that make Turkey’s biggest city so rich. Not owned by anyone, the cats in Istanbul live between two worlds – neither wild nor tame – and bring an extra something special to everyday lives.

The documentary was shot over two months in Istanbul, as the filmmakers designed and developed innovative ‘cat cameras’ and techniques to uniquely capture the street cat’s everyday lives. Primarily it all revolves around the lives of 7 leading cats – Sari (aka The Hustler), Bengü (The Lover), Aslan Parçasi (The Hunter), Psikopat (The Psycho), Deniz (The Social Butterfly), Duman (The Gentleman) and Gamsiz (The Player).

Check out the wonderful trailer:

KEDI – Trailer 1 from Termite Films on Vimeo.

KEDI opens in the UK on 30 June.


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