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Fascinating trailer for conflict photojournalist doc A Good Day To Die (Hoka Hey)

Jason, taken by Ellie Kealey

War photography, and photographers, must be one of the last extreme vocations to go into, beyond signing up for the military, but also one of the most insightful and harrowing opportunities at the same time. In the past I’ve been fascinated by the likes of Don McCullin (click for more on him) and the reality they bring home to those who’ll probably, and hopefully, never be involved in such horrific moments.

This first trailer for A Good Day To Die (Hoka Hey) has been 6 years in the making and documents the life of British conflict photographer, Jason P. Howe. He survived 12 years on the front-line of 4 wars, capturing images of humanity at war, its suffering, and cultures in disarray and this isn’t your usual look inside because it’s quite possibly offering up the fact that from choosing certain paths, in specific moments, Jason was changed forever.

Featuring interviews with the likes of Catherine Philp (foreign correspondent), Hector Emanuel (documentary photographer), Jerome Starkey (foreign correspondent), Matthew Fearn (Telegraph picture editor), Roger Arnold (cameraman, photographer), Thomas Harding (defence correspondent), and Tim Page (photographer), watch now:

A Good Day To Die (Hoka Hey) opens in the UK on 16 June – Visit their site:


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