One to Watch: ‘Ronny Chieng – International Student’ coming to BBC Three

Being a regular viewer of The Daily Show with Trevor Noah on Comedy Central UK, highly recommended, I’m already familiar with Ronny Chieng‘s segments on that show and he’s always an absolute highlight, and brilliantly entertaining. I’m glad to hear that his new 7-part series Ronny Chieng: International Student is coming to BBC Three because I think it’s going to be brilliant.

Chieng plays himself in the series, based on his life and experiences as an international university student living and studying in Australia. Here’s a little synopsis:

Meet Ronny Chieng, a student from Malaysia who arrives in Melbourne to study law. Ronny’s smart, driven and competitive, so he’d be the perfect law student – if he actually wanted to be a lawyer.

Blunt, barbed and not afraid to cut to the point, it’s not long before Ronny is at odds with most of the people on campus – from the binge drinking Australians, to the Mah-jong playing Asians or the rich students who, in Ronnie’s words, dress like they’re captaining a yacht.

Over the course of the series we follow Ronny across his first semester – from day one on campus to his final exam. Along the way he’ll meet fellow law student Asher Angus (Molly Daniels), the eternal optimist from small town Australia who becomes Ronny’s one true ally; Professor Dale (Anthony Morgan), the quietly insane lecturer who runs each class like a cage fight; and Craig Cooper (Patch May), the brash American student who crash lands in Ronny’s dorm and turns it into the frat house from hell. All whilst Ronny fields FaceTime calls from his excitable, shouty mum – dishing out wisdom to her nonplussed son, and getting plenty back in return.

Damian Kavanagh, Controller of BBC Three, says:

“Ronny Chieng is a welcome new addition to BBC Three. He’s a comedy genius and, in Ronny Chieng: International Student, he has the perfect vehicle for his talents. I couldn’t be more excited to bring this series to the UK.”

Ronny Chieng will be available on BBC Three later in 2017. The series is co-written and co-created by Ronny Chieng and Declan Fay, and directed by Jonathan Brough.


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