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Freehold DVD Review: “A voyage of grotesque psychological warfare”

It almost feels sinful to explain Freehold as horror, dark comedy, or suspense thriller; no genre could capture the essence of this truly contemporary and odious portrait of 21st century humanity. The subliminal political commentary is enough to reevaluate your entire modern existence, and open your eyes to the true plaintive horror that lingers within the British housing crisis.

When it comes to horror, there are two main categories that they will fall within; mindless gore and psychological masterpieces that leave your mind feeling a little raw long after the credits roll. Freehold is without doubt the latter in its twisted tale of revenge upon detestably brash estate-agent Hussein (Mim Shaikh) by a man who has nothing left to lose, but everything left to take.

Freehold is director Dom Bridges debut release and, it pains me to say that, it shows through the drawn-out plot lines, painful clichés, stereotyping of characters and minimal character progression. As the duplicitous estate agents, life unravels around him and it’s hard to muster an ounce of sympathy in this utterly bizarre situation in which he is haunted by his past in the form of skeletal Spaniard Orlan (Javier Botet).

Orlan the mortal stalker is grotesquely motivated and never quite transcends into the psychopathy you anticipate, instead he takes Hussein on a voyage of grotesque psychological welfare ending his relationships, career, and seeing an end to his sanity by hitting him where it hurts; his bathroom cabinet.

Freehold wasn’t the easiest watch when you’re faced for overwhelming contempt for both Hussein and his stereo-typically entitled rude boy behaviour, and there’s a significant lack of background when it comes to Orlan, his story isn’t revealed until the end of the feature after you’ve endured an hour and a half of watching him carrying out the most detestably vile acts to seek revenge. There are undoubtedly some smart elements to Freehold, however they are over-shadowed as you’re never going to win an audience over by turning their stomachs.

Freehold is out on DVD from 9 October 2017

Order it here: http://amzn.to/2yDLmV3


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