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Hellraiser 30th Anniversary review: He’s back to raise some hell!

Tired of going to the cinemas to see new horror films and leaving disappointed? Yeah us too.

Luckily this year on Friday the 13th, Arrow Films have graciously considered our discontent with 21st century horror and are treating horror fans to a cinema re-release of the iconic cult-hit Hellraiser! Director Clive Barker is back to drench us in the terror of his debut that left kids born in the 70’s and 80’s mortified. There’s screenings all across the UK with very limited availability, so don’t hang around on treating yourself to some nostalgic horror and hunt it down at your local independent or VUE.

Pinhead and his Cenobites get no less terrifying with age and they’re back accompanied by a fresh new soundtrack which will be a delight to all of the audiophiles out there. The iconic tale follows a couple Larry (Andrew Robinson) and Julia (Clare Higgins) moving into a dilapidated suburban-hell-homestead where Julia finds her former lover and husbands brother Frank lurking in the attic, yet it’s not quite the reconciliation of souls she was hoping for in her blousey abject sexual frustration. His earthly body now belongs to the Cenobites, a collective of demons summoned by the infamous puzzle box, a drop of blood on the floor brings him back to existence and it’s up to his former pan-faced mistress Julia to bring the bodies, but escaping the Cenobites was never going to be an easy task with their penchant for tearing human skin apart.

There’s a reason why I’ve always adored Hellraiser, and held it in preference to many other cult horror icons, just the presence of the blue mist rolling in is enough to give you goosebumps as you anticipate reliving the same horror you were treated to back in 1987. Clive Barker orchestrated Hellraiser so flawlessly that it was able to pertain the essence of horror without it being reinterpreted as black comedy, from start to finish you’re spoiled with some of the most grotesquely creeping tales of horror in the hands of Pinhead, the notoriously cold sadist incapable of even the smallest of human emotions. Because in reality, what’s more terrifying than a creature void of empathy?

If you’re not able to get to a screening on Friday the 13th hang in there for the the 30th Anniversary edition which will be released as a stunning steelbook Blu-ray on the 30th of October 2017, just in time for your Halloween viewing.

Missed those? Order the Arrow Films trilogy now: http://tidd.ly/59504c5e





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