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The Final Year: New UK trailer for Obama documentary is a must-watch

It’s weird how quickly the world can change and it’s even stranger to think, and long, for a normal United States with a positive President alongside his foreign policy team and, indeed, who would have thought that even a Brit would want that for another country. This trailer for the upcoming Barack Obama doc The Final Year will give us an unprecedented behind-the-scenes look in the those last 12 months of his Presidency, and to remember what was being planned… it feels more important than ever.

Directed by Greg Barker, the film revolves around a foreign policy team assembled by Barack Obama nearly a decade ago, during his first presidential campaign: Secretary of State John Kerry, UN Ambassador Samantha Power, Deputy National Security Advisor and presidential confidant Ben Rhodes, as well National Security Advisor Susan Rice and President Obama himself.

The film tracks this team over the course of 2016, as they travel the world attempting to solidify and “lock-in” policies that they believe will define their legacy, promote diplomacy over large-scale military action, and fundamentally alter how the US government confronts questions of war and peace.

Watch the trailer:

The Final Year is released in UK cinemas on 19 January 2018.

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