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FrenProm review: “Heart-in-mouth hilarity at the expense of masculine immaturity” [Indie Review]

Love them or loathe them, self-depreciating comedies are everywhere and whilst usually they can fall a little flat, FrenProm is a glorious exception to the rule. Comedy has thankfully come a long way since the days of Jackass and the minds behind this one have created something wonderfully conceptual, and actually quite sweet, with their mockumentary.

FrenProm follows a group of eight friends living together in LA in an anti-bachelor pad. They all appear to still be revelling in their own quaint brands of immaturity as they take up the challenge of getting their first crushes to prom. As you can expect, it’s awkward as hell so before they even embark on the challenge, you’re gripped by the outcome. If you love watching insanity unfold on shows like MTV’s Catfish, you’re going to love the unpredictable plot-lines here.

Each of the eight friends taking on the challenge bring something individualistic to the table, but it has to be said that no-one won me over more than Garrett, even though one of the guys ended up in a wheelchair, and another had to FaceTime his now ‘super married’ first crush at prom, there was just something beautifully raw about Garrett’s role. At points, it was fairly difficult to remember that FrenProm was a mockumentary, especially after Garrett’s stellar recollections of embarrassment as a young Lothario and, in fact, my heart bled for him a little bit. Saying this, the film is anything but just a sequence of events to have you pity them as they go about their unenviable task, there are amazing moments of comedy – even if they come at the expense of the group. For me, the highlight of the film has to be one of the friends serving Merlot to a woman that didn’t drink out of Stella glasses, as he attempts to persuade his long-time crush to attend prom with him.

As mockumentaries go, FrenPromis strangely heart-warming, with direction that allows you to get invested on the task and really share in the cringe-worthy scenes with the characters. Personally, I can’t wait for the next instalment of cringe-worthy chaos that the guys orchestrate from themselves in their utterly masochistic endeavour to entertain audiences who take pleasure from watching crises of masculinity unfold.

You can check out the trailer to the feature, which premiered on 18 July, by heading over to Fren Haus’ official website, where you’ll also be treated to teaser clips, what more could you possibly want?

You can watch FrenProm right now here: https://frenhaus

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