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Father: Dir. Fumi Gomez [Short Film Review]

Short films can find it difficult to pack a punch with their restricted space of time but with Father, written by Juan Echenique, directed by Fumi Gomez and starring Kheira Bey alongside Echenique, the subject matter is relevant heartfelt and honest enough to hold the interest right up to the credits.

What makes this work, particularly well, is a hugely impressive performance from the main lead Kheira Bey, who’s believable and nuanced in portraying the frustration she feels towards a long-term absent Father. Ir’s clear she’s spent a lot of her life getting on and finding her own way, so when it comes down to the crunch, she’s strong enough to know and work out that maybe this time, and after everything she’s gone through, she’ll be the one in control.

While the short could benefit from a smoother scene change during her talks with her Father, sometimes I was unsure whether the conversation took place over a few nights or whether it was imaginary, the close-ups during crucial moments are vital for connection. I’d also probably want one longer, more intense conversation in a different room to the kitchen. That being said, the contrasting stylistics of colour, lines and dots are an interesting addition and these kind of subtle settings can often be overlooked in similar setups. I’d also recommend changing the font on the titles and closing credits roll, it’s a little too lively and doesn’t really complement the overall message of the film.

Overall, I’d definitely recommend watching Father, especially for Kheira Bey‘s performance and portrayal of a daughter who’s initially undecided but consequentially making positive, personal choices for her own piece of mind and future. While it’s true that some wounds might never heal somehow the outcome in this respect is oddly satisfying, if sad, in its conclusion.

Father is available to watch now on Vimeo.



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