Reclaim the Frame, bringing greater audiences to films by women, is coming to Exeter this 8 May!

Reclaim the Frame is a superb mission to bring ever-greater audiences to films by women, backed by lottery funding from the BFI and run by Birds’ Eye View, the London-based charity whose 16 year focus has been lifting up the profile of films by women, first as a festival, and now as a year-round agent for change with a UK-wide focus.

After launching Reclaim the Frame as a pilot in select cities last year, they’re now expanding to another five including Exeter, and they will be casting the spotlight on films by woman every month at the Exeter Phoenix and it all begins this Wednesday, 8 May! 

The event will be hosted by Birds’ Eye View’s director-at-large and award winning film producer Mia Bays – there’ll be a special screening of the wonderful Wild Rose, read Jazmine’s review, written by Nicole Taylor. Mia will host an A&Q – a conversation with the audience about the film, that flips the usual Q&A format on its’ head – Book now!

After the panel, poet and filmmaker Be Manzini will share poems reflecting on the themes of ‘Wild Rose’ and we will then host a workshop with Be called ‘Harnessing Your Authentic Voice’, plus drinks and signup session for the Reclaim The Frame Exeter chapter with details of how to get free tickets, free films to watch, goodie bags, etc!

To find out more about Birds Eye View, the Reclaim The Frame project and their mission, click here.

To book tickets for the launch event on Wednesday, click here!


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