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5 Reasons why you need to see Wild Rose…

Wild Rose delighted audiences when it came into cinemas (Read our review here!) earlier this year, but did you manage to catch it? So if you missed it in cinemas we’ve pulled together the five top reasons of why you need to see Wild Rose, or indeed watch it again if you’ve already seen it, to celebrate the release of the film on DVD August 19th.


Jessie Buckley took the world by storm as the star, performing all her own songs in the film. The film features original country songs written by Jack C Arnold and are honest and poignant; capturing longing and loss. Wild Rose focuses on the transformative power of music to change lives and the music within the film gives Rose-Lynn a purpose, setting her free.

Jessie Buckley

One of the best reasons to watch Wild Rose is the extremely talented Buckley, whom plays ex-convict from Glasgow Rose-Lynn. Attempting to make it as a country singer in Nashville Rose-Lynn is a single mum straight out of prison with two kids to provide for and a big dream to live! However, with a curfew of 7pm her chances of making it to Nashville seem but a distant dream. Buckley has already caught attention for her mesmeric performance in Chernobyl and War and Peace and this one allows Buckley to show off her impressive vocals on a niche country soundtrack. Buckley strikes a balance between portraying Rose-Lynn’s anger and ambition tied together with the emptiness inside her.

Julie Walters

Dame Julie Walters, an actress in her prime, has received an array of award nominations for her performance in Billy Elliot and Educating Rita, amongst others. She most recently has starred in Wild Rose, as Rose-Lynn’s straight talking mother Marion. Marion is sensible in contrast to her daughter’s reckless behaviour she tries her best to persuade her daughter to put her children’s well-being first. Julie Walters’ volatile relationship with her own mother struck parallels between the relationship portrayed here; resulting in a raw, and emotional performance.

Inspirational Story

Wild Rose is an inspirational story, Rose–Lynn is a free spirit who simply won’t let herself be constrained by society. She is a single mum fresh out of prison with two children to support and a Nashville dream she wants to achieve! This is a fable of hard times, failure and redemption that is bound to pull on your heartstrings.

Rising Star Film 

Many films tend to cover the rising star story-line similarly to ‘A Star is Born’ starring Lady Gaga however Wild Rose is unique, a simple breath of fresh air. Rose-Lynn doesn’t depend on a man to help her make it, in fact she doesn’t need a man at all. Through her perseverance and strong willed nature Rose-Lynn is determined to be her own star and write her own future!

Wild Rose arrives on DVD August 19 – Order now: https://amzn.to/2KXzXqC

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