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Building my own Back to The Future DeLorean [Parts 126 – 131 Build Blog]

Ladies and gents, can you believe we’ve been doing this for nearly two and a half years now?! Incredible!

If you’re new to the game, we’ve been getting involved with Eaglemoss and Building Our Own 1:8 Scale Back to the Future DeLorean and have reached a critical point for Critical Popcorn, the initial build is pretty much complete but there’s a surprised in store as well! While this last section was mostly about final touches and that excellent Plutonium Case, we’re not finished yet! Eaglemoss have extended the build to fit in with the other films but we’ll come back to that later.

So, with Parts 1-125 already done, here are the concluding moments of the DeLorean from Back to the Future. While we haven’t been quite able to afford the [huge] case cover, it’s got a wonderful base that really brings it out as a stunning display but, for the moment, a little reflection on the time spent…. *cue music*

A look back…

Being honest, the build hasn’t always been easy but that’s mainly come down to tiny screws and really intricate internal details, however, I’m all about perspective and the bigger picture, in many walks of my life, and when you show the complete built DeLorean off to friends and family, there really is so much love for how stunning it looks and how much shock you get from its weight! You can feel the quality, there’s a positive excess of detail across the entire car. I have a feeling I’ll be able to look back and always been impressed that I got to the end.

As a reminder, I was a first-time builder of something this specific and comprehensive. There are numerous build ‘support’ groups out there, especially on FB, and I’ve had a whole host of help and suggestion if I’ve been unsure about a section or if I needed advice. If you’re really up for it, and haven’t done it before either, I honestly would say go for it but remember to be patient. The wiring can be testing but following the guides, that come with every part, really did take me through the process step-by-step and when I struggled, the build groups were so helpful  – BIG shout out to everyone there! Oh, also, if you’re really brave, there’s even a lot of people customising the build with some impressive extras, all top quality and fan made, keep a look out for them on eBay and the like.

If you’re the type of person who mind be concerned about faulty parts, rest assured this has been very, very rare for me. When there was a problem, I’ve emailed Eaglemoss and they’ve re-sent copies with no hassle. Again, I’d say email or call and be patient if you have a problem, they sorted the few I had without any trouble. What I would say is follow the guides properly and also, in the quiet moments, take a read through their dedicated Back to the Future articles that come with each part. That’s an extra 130 articles about the thing you love, it’s a smart touch.

To summarise…

Overall, I’m really proud of the final outcome. While one of my doors is slightly wonky at the top connection, and I think the hinges could be stronger, that was part of my early learning process. Looking back, I could have managed it differently. My tip would be: Get some masking tape!! You’ll want to seal shut the doors and bonnet, etc, when building the other sections, and there’s so many, as that would have solved some frustrations in the early days of working things out.

The Car also looks absolutely glorious with the lights on, I feel like I need a mini Marty McFly to sit in there, but as a display place – and an interactive one at that – it really is very cool, very unique and utterly awesome. If you’re any kind of Back to the Future fan or even just love the 80s nostalgia, you’ll love this. As I always say, ANY QUESTIONS? Please do comment and I’ll try to help!

Now, enjoy the (nearly) final look, we’re going to carry on with the new, bonus build and will bring you that as it’s created!

And, now, your final look:

If you want to sign up to Build Your Own 1:8 Scale Delorean from Eaglemoss and Universal, it’s simple to get involved – Also, follow my blog along the way as I endeavour to prove that anyone can do this and it end up being pretty darn cool.



4 thoughts on “Building my own Back to The Future DeLorean [Parts 126 – 131 Build Blog]

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  2. I’ve built the deloren put batteries in switched on no lights came on at all out or inside the car do i have to switch on inside the car help please many thanks .


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